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Technology for Boron Nitride Producing


Development of New Effective Technology for Producing Cubic Boron Nitride

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  • MAN-COM/CAD and CAM/Manufacturing Technology
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G. Tsulukidze Mining Institute, Georgia, Tbilisi

Project summary

At the present time the usage of shock-wave technologies for metals’ treatment, especially at high temperatures and pressures, is the subject of interest.

Firstly, this interest is aroused by the possibility to synthesize new materials and chemical compounds in phase transformations, the production of which by traditional methods is very problematic and practically impossible The rich experience of the participant organizations’ scientists in the field of none-organic compounds synthesis by the technology of shock-wave treatment of the materials will give an opportunity to obtain results, very valuable for the development of new technologies of producing of artificial diamonds and diamond modification of boron nitride.

The offered technology, the basis of which is the treatment of preliminary thermally activated non-organic materials (temperature range 20-1,300 °C) by high intensity shock waves, has no analog at the present time.

The main goal of the project is the development of the competitive technology of diamond-like boron nitride producing without expensive powerful press manufacturing, hard alloy mountings and other deficient materials.

In 80s the scientists of the participant organizations had carried out the studies of the behavior regularities of thermally activated materials in the conditions of dynamic loading, the structural transformations and its mechanisms as well as further development of the methods of dynamic loading of materials. The essential result of these studies is that the preliminary heating of carbonaceous substances to the temperature of 700-900 °C makes possible to synthesize diamonds in dynamic conditions under the pressure of several tens kilobars. Since the structure of boron nitride is similar to graphite, its preliminary thermal activation (in the moment of explosive loading the boron nitride is heated up to 1,200 °C) is the necessary condition of the transformation into dense modifications.

The scientific value of the project is that for the first time the phase transformation of г-BN into c-BN in dynamic conditions will be carried out.

The technical value of the project is the development of new methods and instruments of the producing of boron nitride with diamond-like structures.

For the accomplishment of the project it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

1. To study the theoretical background c-BN producing.

2. To develop the methodology of computational modeling of the process of thermally activated materials loading.
3. To develop the methodology of experimentation in dynamic conditions with preliminary thermal activation.
4. To carry out the experimental studies for producing of diamond-like modification of BN in accordance with the developed methodology.
5. To determine the effect of the catalysts on the process of phase transformation of preliminary thermally activated г-BN into v-BN and c-BN.
6. To carry out morphological and X-ray structural studies of experimentally obtained samples.
7. To generalize the obtained results.

The presented project fully complies with the purposes and tasks of ISTC since in its' accomplishment the scientists who earlier were involved in the development of new materials and technological processes for arms industry, will participate.. In case of the positive decision participants of the project will be able to reorient the scientific researches on the peace purposes.

The support of ISTC will give an opportunity for the scientists and engineers of Institute of Mining Mechanics, Institute of Metallurgy, State Technical University and Tbilisi State University to expand scientific contacts with foreign scientists, which were strictly limited during cooperation with military-industrial complex.


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