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Anti-Bedsore Systems


Developing and Fabricating the System for Adequate Preventing and Healing Bedsores, Muscular Contractures, Conjection Bronchial-Pulmonary Complications

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  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine
  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • N.V. Sklifosovsky First Aid Research Institute, Russia, Moscow\nElectromechanical Plant "Avangard", Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Stormoff Med. Technik N.R.W. GmbH, Germany, Düsseldorf\nNord Dome Ltd., Canada, ON, Tornhill\nPickcell Laboratories Ltd., The Netherlands, Amsterdam\nUniversity of applied science/Fachhochschule Wilgelmshaven, Germany, Wilgelmshaven\nCenter for Integration Medicine and Innovative Technology, USA, MA, Boston

Project summary

The Project Goal is to create a prototype of a multi-functional system that is to be cheap, reliable, compact, mobile and simple in use (executive appliance and technique). This system should assist in increasing the efficiency of measures undertaken to provide prophylaxis and complex therapy (healing) of bedsores (decubitus), congestive bronchopulmonary complications, muscle contractures of patients in combination with traumas and other diseases (hereinafter, “immovable diseases”) that make patients stay immobile for quite a long time.

The Project is aimed at solving the problems of applied medicine to increase efficiency of measures undertaken to provide prophylaxis and complex therapy of the above-described diseases basing on modern scientific apprehension of their pathogenesis.

Project Essence:

- development and production of the executive device prototype for the system of “immovable diseases” adequate prophylaxis and therapy (i.e. the system exactly corresponding to the character of disease or the threat of its occurrence);

- development of therapeutic techniques of its application.

The topicality of the Project is related to the increase of the number of patients suffered from combined

traumas (of the spinal column and spinal cord) by 10-12% annually as a result of assassinations, man-made (artificial) and natural catastrophes, local shooting wars.

Under such circumstances a compact, mobile, relatively inexpensive system aimed at bedsores prophylaxis and therapy that can be installed in temporal hospitals and traumatology stations is of extreme necessity.

Up-to-date methods of resuscitation make it possible to reduce mortality caused by independent traumatic shock. However, mortality caused by complications progressing after the patient is put out of shock is not reduced; it constitutes 40% of the whole number of patients. The quantity of purulent bronchopulmonary complications is as high as 38-40% of the whole number of complications. Bedsores combined with traumas progress in 60-90% of cases, the resuscitation caused by septic complications resulting from bedsores development achieves 25%. Muscle contractures of patients progress in 17-23% of cases and lead to steady invalidization in 63-80% of cases.

The US economic losses caused by bedsores only constitutes in 1998 about $55 000 000 000 at the cost of 1-day healing in the hostel equal to $2360.

The existing facilities are either bulky or too expensive, or of restricted specialization.

The Project participants advance their own promising development of the system of bedsores prophylaxis and healing with simultaneous prophylaxis and healing of muscle contractures and purulent bronchopulmonary complications. This system provides not only the patient body unload of pressure at the points of the highest threat of bedsores occurrence but it transforms in a forced manner its shape and size in accord with the prescribed therapeutic technique and displaces the patient’s body in a forced manner. This assists in normalization of blood circulation.

- Thus, a most effective measure of prophylaxis and complex therapy of “immovable diseases” is a basis of the Project. It covers periodic change of the patient body and extremities position in space (simulation of the body and extremities motion in accord with a special program), what leads to improvement of blood circulation in tissues in the sites of bedsores and contractures formation as well as to the improvement of internal respiration function of the patient with a combined trauma and other diseases.

The Project is founded on the scientific studies (developments) and inventions of the Project participants:

- “ Method of curing diseases dealing with consequences of spinal column compression fractures”, Patent No 2086225 of 10.08.1997;

- “Method of bedsores prophylaxis and therapy and facility aimed at its realization”, Patent No 2162311 of 27.01.2001;

- “Method of hypostatic pneumonias prophylaxis and therapy and device aimed at its realization”, Claim for discovery No 2000107606/14(08148);

- 20 treatises and scientific articles .

The proposed system has no analogues by collective totality of therapeutic potentialities,

mobility and compactness. Its weight does not exceed 10kg while the estimated cost under serial production is expected to be not higher than $500. The comprehensive approach to the understanding of the unity of the reasons of “immovable diseases” occurrence with the simultaneous offer of technical means aimed at their elimination makes it possible to avoid the drawbacks of the existing methods of prophylaxis and healing of the pathological processes conditioned by intrinsic immobility of patients.

The prototype consists of a multi-chamber module (hereinafter, airmat) on which there are fastened in direct contact with the patient’s body the vessels of different configuration filled with helium (hereinafter, anti-bedsore elements). Moreover, their bearing capacity and geometric dimensions change depending on “pressure-time of effect” prescribed by the doctor. Under the box there are fastened controlled air chambers (hereinafter, transformers) that are forced to simulate the patient’s turns from one side to the other, to make him sit (in this case the patient is fastened to the airmat), to make his knees and thorax chamber raise etc.

The airmat, anti-bedsore elements and transformers can be connected with a compressor and control blocks (controller and display).

The proposed system can be easily adapted to the requirements of the anthropomorphic characteristics of the patient; it reduces the scope of physical activities dealing with the general care of the patient, it is of low weight, relatively inexpensive, mobile and can be applied as a means of prophylaxis and therapy at different diseases and traumas and as a rehabilitation means.

The Project is based on a wealth of experience of RFNC-VNIIEF and SUE EMP AVANGARD scientists accumulated in the course of developing medical instruments and different-purpose control devices as well as on the achievements of the First Aid Research Institute by N.V.Sklifosovski in the sphere of therapy.

The Project refers to the category “Demonstration of technology”; as a result of its realization there will be developed a prototype of the executive appliance and technique of its clinical application.

The works on the Project will form the basis for the organization of serial production of systems of adequate prophylaxis and healing of “immovable diseases”; they will also make it possible to continue scientific activities on the spread of the spectrum of therapeutic techniques.

The realization of the Project will give the RF scientists and specialists who took part in nuclear weapon development and testing the possibility to somewhat change the direction of their activities towards peaceful purposes and encourage their integration to the international scientific community; it will also support the researches carried out for peaceful purposes and assist in solving national and international engineering problems in the sphere of medicine and medical instrumentation development what meets the ISTC goals and objectives.

To realize the Project the following tasks should be solved:

- development and production of the prototype of the system executive unit;

- development of medical techniques of the system application and testing;

- carrying out of complex medical testing of the system.

The main results to be obtained after the Project is realized are as follows:

- complex medical techniques of “immovable diseases” therapy;

- prototype of the system executive unit;

- final report on medical tests;

- preparation of environment for the system serial production.

It is anticipated that the obtained results will be able:

- to spread the stock-in-trade and potentialities of doctors, facilitate the general care of the patients and decrease considerably the funds required for their curing;

- to form the basis for the arrangement of the system serial production;

- to become the basis of prolonged business contacts with the interested inpiduals and organizations as they have sufficient commercial potential;

- to prolong the activities in perfecting the systems and medical technologies in the given direction.

The developed before medical techniques and facilities designed for prophylaxis and healing of

“immovable diseases” are combined into a unique system. The results of their application make it possible to forecast the following clinical indexes of the proposed system efficiency:

- positive clinical effects at different sites of affection for the patients with combined trauma: lack or considerable decrease (to 90%) of the cases of bedsores occurrence;

- positive effect to the function of internal respiration: early reveal and amplification of cough reflex after resuscitation measures are undertaken, increase of VCL (Vital capacity of the lungs) and MVBR (Maximal volume breath-out rate) indexes (up to 60%), normalization of these indexes – 30% faster as compared to the reference group;

- occurrence of steady tendency towards normalization of the values of linear speed of blood flow defined using dopplegraphic methods in the central and major arteries and venas;

- steady tendency towards normalization of indexes of peripheral homodynamic defined using arteriovasographic methods.

Potential role of Foreign collaborators under the Project consists in the following:

- information exchange in the course of the project realization;

- participation in auditing the Project the ISTC specialists are responsible for;

- arrangement of joint symposiums and workshops;

- practical application of the Project results and partnership in the sphere of their commercialization;

- technical participation in solving separate Project tasks;

- development of joint therapeutic techniques for specific diseases.

At the stage of medical tests there will be performed the monitoring:

- of measuring masses of separate body parts using the original technique;

- of peripheral hemodynamics indexes determined using arteriovasographic methods;

- of the values of blood flow linear speed found using dopplegraphic methods of the central and major arteries and venas.

At choosing materials, technologies as well as at the development of the system separate design

sections the requirements of international and RF standards will be taken into account, including those specific for medicine. The system prototype testing will be held jointly with the organizations having a license of the RF Ministry of Public Health.

Basing on the results of the Project it is scheduled to make claims for discoveries defending both structural peculiarities of the system and therapeutic techniques of its application.


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