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Development of Methods of Large Area, Repetition Rate Electron and Ion Beams Formation for Improvement of Properties of Material Surface

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  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation

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Kondratenkov Yu B

Leading Institute
NIIEFA Efremov, Russia, St Petersburg

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  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Project summary

At present, active investigations are carried out, aimed on the development and promotion of the methods of improvement of material properties (such as hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance) by means of treatment of material surface by intense pulsed charged particles beams (PPB).

Great interest in these methods derives from the following circumstances: 1) changing of the traditional ('volumetric') methods of the thermotreatment to the surface treatment by PPB allows to economy an electrical power, increase of production efficiency, significant decrease or even total precluding of environmental impacts; 2) as a result of PPB treatment one can obtain material states which can not be realized under normal conditions (metastable states).

The investigations performed up to now in this field showed the possibility of significant improvement of materials properties and made clear many aspects of the physical processes taking place in a matter under the influence of PPB. On the other hand these investigations showed that for real promotion of the PPB-treatment in industry it is necessary to enhance essentially methods of pulsed particle beams formation in order to increase beam cross-section, power density and kinetic energy of particles, to improve the spatial homogeneity and stability of beam parameters and to provide the control of them. Also it is necessary to solve a number of technical problems and to improve essentially an understanding of the physical mechanism of many phenomenon taking place in a matter under the influence of PPB.

The aim of the project being suggested is to solve some of the problems mentioned above, namely:

1. Development of the methods of large area, repetition rate electron and ion beams formation with the following parameters:

- proton, carbon and metal ion beams with the cross-section up to 104 cm2, current density in the range of 10-2 - 1 A/cm2, pulse duration 10-6 – 10-3 s, particle energy 10-100 keV, repetition rate 1-100 Hz;
- electron beams with cross-section up to 104 cm2, current density 1-10 A/cm2, pulse duration 10-6 – 10-4 s, kinetic energy 0.1-1 MeV, repetition rate 1-10 Hz;
- electron beams with cross-section і 102 cm2, current density 10-100 A/cm2, pulse duration 10-6 – 10-4 s, electron kinetic energy 0.1-1 MeV, repetition rate 1-10 Hz.

2. Performance of the experimental and theoretical investigations of the pulsed particle beams interaction with matter aimed on elucidation of the influence of different factors on material properties after PPB treatment.

Formation of the particle beams with mentioned above parameters will be realized on the unified technical approach, based on use, as a particle source, a plasma created by pulsed surface or vacuum discharge in a number of discharge units, homogeneously placed on large area surface of required geometry (flat, cylindrical, spherical). The design of discharge units will provide fast changing of the elements determining plasma composition (and therefore composition of the generated beam). The design of the source will provide the possibility of operation in the mode of electrons or ions generation. Therefore one can create a combined facility of ion-electron treatment. The design of the particle source will give a possibility to use the same energy supply for plasma production and particle acceleration. Investigation of the beam-material interaction will be performed on the base of the study of material properties after PPB treatment, numerical simulation of the energy deposition into a matter, temperature dynamic, phase transitions, etc.

As a result of the project, scientific-technical base for creation of the industrial facilities for PPB treatment of materials will be developed and prototypes of such facilities will be created.

Foreign collaborators can participate in all items of the scientific-technical program of the project, especially hi investigation of material properties after PPB treatment. They also can take part in searching of applications and in adaptation of the method and apparatus to industrial requirements.


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