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Fibers for Carbon Composites


Development and Research of Technology Production of Super-Strength and Super-Modulus Carbon Fibers for Carbocomposites

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  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
NIIGrafit, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Fibre with Experimental Plant, Russia, Tver reg., Tver\nResearch Institute of Electric Carbon Goods, Russia, Moscow reg., Electrougly\nMoscow State Open University, Russia, Moscow


  • Polytechnic University / Polymer Research Institute, USA, NY, Brooklyn\nAM-RUSS Rubert and Plastics Consulting, USA, NJ, Fair Lawn\nAsca Marketing, Korea, Seoul\nUniversité Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, Brussels

Project summary

The aim of the project is to develop and study super-strength and super-modulus carbon fibers, and also high-strength and high-modulus carbon composites of new generation, including samples of metal-carbon composites.

Various methods of preparation of carbon fibers are known, but they all have not yet supplied production of high-strength and high-modulus carbon composites and articles of required size and configuration.

An approach applied in the present Project is based on the results of experimental and model studies, performed in MSOU, which applied principles of synergism and fractal physics. The data obtained have shown that formation of elastic-strength characteristics of oriented carbon polymers is affected by micro- and macromolecular structure of initial (raw) polymer and, especially, by their ratio.

Novel technology of production of super-strength and super-modulus carbon fibers and carbon fiber-based composites includes stages of synthesis of a raw polymer with a structure of assigned regularity, formation of fibers from it, thermal processing of fibers performed by specially set sequence of operations, direct performance of chosen optimal interaction (adhesive or chemical) between composite components. The main points are: formation of required structure of initial fiber, its optimization during thermal processing and development of a “carbonic fiber - matrix” system with the optimum interaction of components and technology which would provide formation of specific super-strength and super-modulus carbon fibers based on the model idea about microcomposite, cluster structure of the fiber. It is very difficult to produce carbon fibers with the structure possessing fractal parameters in the structure of initial polymeric fiber. Thus, of interest is prediction of carbon fiber characteristics.

A new technology will allow obtaining carbon super-strength and super-modulus fibers, and also carbon composites of various applications, which associate high strength and high rigidity with sufficient heat conductivity and low thermal expansion index. This makes them indispensable for the application in constructions with increased requirements to the size stability. Participants of the Project are very experienced in development and application of such materials in various branches of technology.

Main tasks of the Project can be fulfilled using various methods of the study of structure and properties of carbon fibers and carbon composites, applying approaches of synergism and fractal physics under modeling and computing of both the structure and properties of the fibers, and interaction of the components. The main scientific result of the Project must be the development of a microcomposite cluster model of the structure of carbon fiber, development of theoretical approach to optimization of the interaction between components and their confirmation by development of high strength and high modulus carbon composites.


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