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Development of Biological Control Agents Through Use of Recombinant Antagonistic Bacteria Possessing Variable Mechanisms of Antagonisms, High Colonizing Capacity and Marker Traits for their Monitoring in Nature

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  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology
  • AGR-PPR/Plant Protection/Agriculture

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Leading Institute
JSC Biochimmash, Russia, Moscow


  • FermPro Manufacturing LLP, USA, SC, Kingstree\nEuropean and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization, France, Paris

Project summary

Target of the project:

Development of new biological control agents – recombinant antagonistic bacteria possessing variable mechanisms of antagonisms, high colonizing capacity and marker traits for their monitoring in nature.

Plant diseases take away some 12% of the World total crop plants yield. Microbes used as biological control agents inhabiting environment are capable to reduce application of chemical pesticides and their harmful pressure on nature and human health. Despite the fact, development and application of biocontrol is limited comparing to chemicals. Recent regulations of pesticide toxicity and residuals shell stimulate development of new biocontrol agents.

Plant pathogens interact with host being surrounded by ephypitic and rhyzospherical microorganisms, while micro-ecological niches are complex and understudied. Biological control agent must possess several highly important properties: competitiveness in its ecological niche, plant-colonizing ability, and synthesis of different antibacterial compounds. Application of biocontrol agents was successful in each case when direct parasitism, synthesis of antibiotics, and plant immunity stimulation were employed as major antibacterial factors. Monitoring of antagonistic microbes in nature is a necessary condition for successful their introduction.

The main idea of the proposed project is in development of improved biocontrol agents through construction of antagonistic microbes possessing high colonizing capacity, survival on plant surface, and activity against wide range of plant pathogens. Fluorescent marker genes would be a desirable additional property of those agents.

Demands for plant protection agents in Russia are growing year by year and biological control improvement is highly necessary task. The project team members have experience in biotechnology and molecular genetics including:

– Technology of development and production of biological control agents.

– Tests of plant protection agents.
– Genetic engineering of microbes.
– Development of technological documentation for production, and registration of biotechnological products including recombinant microorganisms

Expected results.

At the end of the project a technology for biocontrol agent production based on highly effective recombinant strains of bacteria with wide range of activity against plant pathogens will be developed. Laboratory and field tests will be conducted, experimental stocks will be produced, technical documentation regulating production and application will be prepared, and official permissions to test the agents will be obtained.

Targets realization and aims ISTC.

The project completely corresponds to the purposes and tasks ISTC. It will be carried out at participation of the experts of Russia, before working in military area, in contact with the experts of other research establishments.

The researches are directed on the decision of economic, medical, agricultural and social tasks (organization of biological control agents production on the advanced technology will allow to lower the cost price of a final product, to reduce cost of crop production with a necessary plant protection agents to use in agriculture, and also to keep workplaces in research establishments and at the working industrial enterprises).


Theoretical, experimental, and technological study, documentation preparation will be dome in framework of the project targeting following aims:

– To obtain bacteria-antagonists highly tolerant to environmental stresses (over-drying, direct sunlight, etc.), high colonizing capacity, and high antagonistic properties against wide range of plant pathogens.

– To test the bacteria in laboratory and field conditions.
– To develop technology for production of biocontrol agent.
– To prepare technical documentation for biocontrol agent production according to law and rules of Russian Federation.

All tasks are to be made by “Biochimmash” according to main specialization. Results of experiments will be presented as reports, articles, experiment notes, and technology documentation.


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