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Irradiated Fiber Optics


Investigation of Fiber Optic Properties in the Strong Radiation Fields

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics

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Leading Institute
TRINITI, Russia, Moscow reg., Troitsk

Supporting institutes

  • Vavilov State Optical Institute (GOI), Russia, St Petersburg\nInstitute of General Physics named after A.M. Prokhorov RAS / Fiber Optical Research Center, Russia, Moscow\nNIIEFA Efremov, Russia, St Petersburg

Project summary

The purpose of this project is the creation and study of the high radiation resistant fibers on the basis of a comprehensive experimental research of the radiation induced effects in fiber, with allowance for technological features of their manufacturing. The goal of this project is the careful experimental study and deep understanding of the nature, structure, physical, and chemical aspects of the mechanism of the radiation induced color centers formation in quarts, to find out influence of technological impurities (hydrogen, chlorine, oxygen), producing technology and other parameters on quartz fibers radiation resistance.

Expected results

In frame of the project

a) complex researches of industrial and experimental types of quartz optic fibers, which technological features of manufacturing are known, will be done.
b) he better understanding of the laws, allowing us to develop new optic fibers and items from them, capable to provide high reliability during operation in UV, visible and near IR range of spectrum in a strong radiation fields (production and processing of radioactive materials, operation in nuclear reactor and radiation waste storage) will be reached.

Technical approach and methodology

In the given project it is offered to create a complex approach to the decision of the problem of increasing of the quartz fiber radiation resistance. This approach bases on the consideration of all the steps from physical model to process of fiber manufacturing and tests as one joint net. The opportunity of taking into account maximum number of the factors influencing on quartz fiber behavior appear in this case.

According to this the following plan of work is offered.

1. The detailed analysis of chemical composition of initial quartz glasses made on various technology (MCVD, PCVD) with the various contents of OH-groups in a core and fluorine in a clad will be done. Optical and spectroscopic characteristic will be measured. Initial defective structure of a glass matrix will be defined.
2. The fibers from the certified quartz will be drawing out at the full control of ail technological parameters. Thus the influence of manufacturing technology on to change of defective structure of a glass matrix with the purpose of definition of the predecessors of radiating color centers will be done. The optical characteristics of fibers will be measured. The analysis of received data will be carried out.
3. The control or fibers optical characteristics (induced optical absorption and radioluminescence) under various doze of radiation will be done with the control of radiation parameters.
4. The research of radiation induced color centers and development of the defective center formation model will be done using EPR and optical spectroscopy. Changes will be introduced into optic fibers manufacture technology with the purpose of their radiation resistance increase.

Foreign collaborators will participate in analysis of the data received during the project. The most perspective fibers developed in frame of the project will be proposed to foreign collaborators for joint testing. Foreign collaborators can also propose their fibers for study in the frame of project program.


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