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Hadron Calorimeter Endcap


Development of the Technology and Control of Electron-Beam Welding Procedure and Production of Full Scale Sector of Endcap CMS Hadron Calorimeter. Preparation for Mass Production.

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  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation

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Senior Project Manager
Tocheny L V

Leading Institute
Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Russia, Moscow reg., Dubna

Supporting institutes

  • ANPK MIG, Russia, Moscow\nFederal State Unitary Enterprise Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering named after N.A.Dollezhal, Russia, Moscow


  • CERN, Switzerland, Geneva\nFermilab (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), USA, IL, Batavia

Project summary

Technical information

The purpose of the project is to design the construction of CMS endcap hadron calorimeter and its mounting (Interface) system, research and choose the technology for connection of calorimeters elements and methods for quality control of such connections.

The endcap region of CMS apparatus where is concentrated, practically, all detector types, is involved all participants of CMS collaboration (more the 1300 scientists and engineers from 132 institutions of 32 countries).

Therefore the design of Endcap calorimeter and in the first turn of its Interface system is defined of the full CMS endcap region.

The whole complex of precise calculations, design and production of the Interface System of CMS endcap calorimeter is extremely complicated and unique task. Fulfillment of #0455 (Phase I) has confirmed it from the very beginning.

Really, the problem is to find the right way to fix 350-tonns hadron calorimeter in the center of gigantic iron disk of return yoke (13 meter in diameter, 0.6 meter in thick), which, in its own turn, can be moved over some centimeter shift in the middle (like membrane) under huge magnetic force influence.

Naturally, for such complicated, expensive and at the same time dangerous system as Interface System it must be proposed, developed, tested and, finally, approved by CERN via the set of quality control and quality assurance procedures of each stage of the Interface System production.

Unfortunately due to restricted funding the #0455 project was limited by the frames of Phase I only - to design Endcap calorimeter itself, produce the full scale calorimeter prototype and prepare work places for mass production. All these tasks have been solved ahead of the Work Plan time schedule.

Now, in the frames of Phase II, it is possible to fulfill the main plan – to design the Interface System of the Endcap calorimeter, make the necessary strength calculations, develop the systems of quality control procedures and propose and prove the scheme of final assemblage of the experimental area.

There are some conceptual approaches, which can help to solve all mentioned above problems in framework of Phase II of the Project.

These approaches were published at CERN CMS documents during 1998-1999 years.


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