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Peat Bog Fire Extinguishing


Development of the effective means and methods of peat bed impulse fire extinguishing

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  • ENV-EHS/Environmental Health and Safety/Environment
  • MAT-EXP/Explosives/Materials

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Leading Institute
Research Institute of Polimeric Materials, Russia, Perm reg., Perm


  • LBR Handelsgesellschaft OHG, Germany, Langenbrettach\nNapier University, UK, Edinburgh

Project summary

Fires in a forest (ground, crown, peat) often lead to disastrously hard economical and ecological consequences. Steady growth of the quantity of world large-scale fires observed objectively testifies to the evident ineffectiveness of traditional fire extinguishing means and methods.

That’s why the aim of the project “Development of the effective means and methods of peat bed impulse fire extinguishing” is intended on solution of actual scientific-technical problem of the world level using aerosol-forming explosives suggested.

The preliminary researches conducted by us prove, that the introduction of flame extinguishing components directly into the explosive composition significantly raises special efficiency and functional safety of fire-extinguishing technology.

While developing the new impulse technical extinguishing means of large-scale peat and, in perspective, other kinds of fires, the method of ecologically safe extinguishing due to the effective action on the fire center with the fire extinguishing aerosol composition produced in the process of detonation of aerosol –forming industrial explosive of special formulation is firstly suggested. Forming in the process of directed detonation aerosol may contain up to 50-60 % by weight of demolition explosive of inexpensive ecologically safe flame extinguisher, that has an intensive inhibiting effect on chemical reactions in a flame.

Besides the additional effect, that qualitatively raises the effectiveness of peat-bog extinguishing technology is reached due to special means and methods of delivery of extinguishing impulse to the fire center, providing while detonating an active mixing of “cold” non-inflammable yet peat layers with the burning ones. Thus, for burning ceasing deep resources of peat that cool the reactants are used. The necessity in traditional, expensive delivery of flame extinguishing materials (water) to the place of peat fire is passed. Therewith, due to specific peculiarities of the peat burning process, the method of its extinguishing due to mixing of burning and non-inflammable layers is significantly more effective than the usage of water.

Positive results of the preliminary experiments with demolition explosive on the model fire centers and available documentary confirmed experience of peat fire extinguishing under the natural conditions due to mixing of the burning and non-inflammable layers give ground to consider that joint (combined) usage of these methods may lead to synergetic effect of the qualitative increase of the new fire extinguishing technology effectiveness. Thus, there is the ground to confirm, that the suggested development at its realization may become a perspective direction of hitch character in the field of peat fire extinguishing.

Scientific-technical value of the project consists in the fact, that the developed means and technology of peat-bog fire extinguishing according to the effectiveness degree will significantly exceed the currently existing level. For that reason, as a sequence, the results will possess a high potential of the following commercialization.

In the process of the project fulfillment scientific investigations on studying formulation-technological factors effect on the fire extinguishing efficiency using the aerosol-forming explosive prepared will be carried out and means and methods of its delivery to the fire center, the optimal formulation and technological scheme of its production will be developed.

At the project fulfillment the technical approach and methodology will be based on the experience accumulated by the scientists and specialists of FSUE “RIPM” while developing and making formulations and technologies of special chemistry polymeric materials production.

At the development of formulations and technologies of commercial explosives making application of laboratory and pilot-industrial equipment, available in FSUE “RIPM”, is supposed.

For the assessment of the complex of commercial explosives properties application of the modern research methods, including infrared-spectrometry, electron and light microscopes and other means, is planned.

The amount of work of technical personnel is 8676 men/days.


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