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Microgravity Experiments in Rocket


Launch of Recoverable Vehicle Carrying Foreign User's Scientific Equipment for Microgravity Experiments by the "VOLNA" Launch Vehicle

Tech Area / Field

  • SAT-UNM/Unmanned Spacecraft/Space, Aircraft and Surface Transportation

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Registration date

Leading Institute
Makeyev Design Bureau of State Rocket Center, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Miass

Supporting institutes

  • NIIA (Automatics), Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg\nNPO Agat, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Miass


  • Rocket System Corporation (RSC), Japan, Tokyo

Project summary

During 1995-1996, the State Rocket Center "Makeyev Design Bureau", under the Agreement with ISTC, has conducted research on Project #190-95 "Study on Recoverable Vehicle for Use in Production of Materials and Preparations under Zero-g Conditions by Launches of Modified Missiles RSM-40 and RSM-50." The results of the activities have been submitted to the Japanese Side, as the collaborator for the activities, and have received a positive evaluation.

The objective of this Project is to implement ISTC Project #190-95 research results by making a practical launch of the recoverable vehicle carrying scientific/ technological equipment of foreign users for the purpose of conducting research and science/technology experiments under microgravity conditions.

In the course of recoverable vehicle launch Project implementation, the following parameters for a payload and of zero gravity conditions will be realized:

mass of the scientific/technological equipment module - up to 200 kg at a volume of up to 250 dm3;
zero-g time - up to 30 min for the "Barents Sea - Kamchatka Peninsula" path;
microaccelerations level aboard vehicle - 10-5...10-6 g;
vehicle landing velocity - no more than 10 m/s.

The onboard instrumentation complex will provide in-flight telemetry data acquisition as to experiment conditions (microacceleration parameters, temperature, pressure, etc.).

The command equipment of onboard instrumentation complex control and power supply can provide issuance of a number of commands for the scientific/ technological equipment and its electrical power supply.

It is planned that the User will participate in the activities on preparation of his scientific equipment to experiment, its installation into the vehicle and checkouts in all phases until the recoverable vehicle is mated with the rocket.

It will take no more than 10 day to deliver the scientific/technological equipment to the User after the launch is performed.

Scientific Project manager is Igor Ivanovich Velichko, Doctor of Tech. Sc., Constructor General, State Rocket Center "Makeyev Design Bureau".

Project manager is Vladimir Nikolayevich Rudin, Candidate of Tech. Sc., Department Head, State Rocket Center "Makeyev Design Bureau".

Participating Organizations:

1. State Rocket Center "Makeyev Design Bureau", Miass, Chelyabinskaya Oblast;
2. Scientific Production Automatics Association, Ekaterinburg;
3. State Scientific Production Association "Agat", Moscow;
4. Various organizations - to purchase parts and materials (NII PS, Moscow; PO ZMZ, Zlatoust, Chelyabinskaya Oblast; PO "Polyot", Omsk; NIIFI, Penza; NPO "SIB", Sankt-Petersburg; KUAZ, Kamensk-Uralsk, Sverdlovskaya Oblast).

Project duration will be 15 months.

Total estimated cost of the Project is US$1500,000 (subject to additional negotiating).

The Project will be performed using the buildings and facilities of enterprises participating in the Project.


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