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Blanket Driven by Accelerator


Shut down Reactor Transformation into Subcritical Neutron Source. Control and Safety System Substantiation and Development.

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  • FIR-REA/Reactor Concept/Fission Reactors

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Leading Institute
ITEF (ITEP), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • State Enterprise Krasnaya Zvezda, Russia, Moscow\nVNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Project summary

The project technical goal is a development of a Heavy Water Blanket with a Control and Shut Down System for Subcritical Assembly Driven by proton accelerator. Subcritical systems are preferable from the point of safety. They are considered as possible prospect for development of research neutron sources and energetic facilities using nuclear energy. They are basic for solving the problem of long living radioactive waste transmutation. Raising of system efficiency is connected with providing a maximal possible value for effective multiplication coefficient Kef<1.0. It is important to have a constant level for blanket reactivity in operation. This project proposes to develop a Control and Shut Down System (CSDS) for Subcritical Assembly driven by pulse accelerator. This system should control blanket reactivity and keep up the work in restricted interval of Kef. CSDS must put into operation safety rods and shut down the assembly if the blanket reactivity is being raised over an assigned limit It is necessary to do it below the critical level. It is supposed to work out a system for continuous measuring the blanket reactivity by seeing after a form and parameters of a neutron pulse arising in the target and in the blanket as a reply to a proton pulse on the target. The system has to determine the pulse parameters connected with the blanket reactivity through the period of 100 msec in order of duration and to make a decision about automatic regulator operation or shut down system putting into operation in time less than a period of transition into critical state.

During the project carrying out a full-scale model of the heavy water blanket will be developed and fabricated at ITEP critical stand which is in operation now. The neutron pulses will be modelled with the help of the D-T neutron pulse generator at hand. Measuring sections of CSDS and its software will be newly worked out using experience of institution-participants personnel. The technical project of the controlled subcritical blanket driven by a linear accelerator supported by experimental substantiation will be the result of this work.

Scientists and engineers enlisting for this work worked before in development of war nuclear reactors and putting them into operation for nuclear weapon components generation and nuclear weapon development.

The project is a part of work on Transformation of Shut Down Research Facility and creating a peaceful employment for scientists and engineers worked before in weapon development and production, current. Expected Results.

The Project will achieve the following results:

- An experimentally substantiated technical project of Control and Shut Down System of electro nuclear (hybrid) facility,

- Experimental results on neutron spectrum and angular distribution measurements for the full-scale target,

- Physical parameters of the Heavy Water Blanket,

- CSDS parameters and requirements imposed on a semi industrial facility control system.

The project results will be presented in the accompanying drawings, schemes and documentation, codes, quarter and month reports, publications. Besides the experimental journals and operational samples of developed components. At the end of key stages presentations of the results, models and codes will be hold along with seminars.


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