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Brucellosis Disease in Tajikistan


The Definition of Real Epidemiological Situation of Brucellosis Disease among the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan, Circulation of the Basic Type of the Activator and Role of Milk and Dairy Products in Transfer of This Infection

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  • MED-DIS/Disease Surveillance/Medicine
  • AGR-DIS/Disease Surveillance/Agriculture
  • BIO-MIB/Microbiology/Biotechnology

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Senior Project Manager
Weaver L M

Leading Institute
Republican Center for State Sanitary Epidemiological Control, Tajikistan, Dushanbe


  • Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, USA, MD, Rockville\nLSU AgCenter, USA, LA, Baton Rouge

Project summary

The purpose of the present project is to identify the real epidemiological morbidity situation with brucellosis among the population of Tajikistan through conducting serology (reaction of Haddleson and Rite) and bacteriology (highlighting the bruccela from clinical tests, Hemoculture) laboratory methods of identifying the brucellosis, the population with clinical and epidemiological indicators. It is planned to organize visit of the catchment’s area by the medical personnel from the rural local hospitals (SUB), Rural medical ambulatories (SVAs), and the medical houses (Medpoints). The report on all the positive tests will be presented to the Department of extra dangerous infections of the Republican Center for State Sanitary Control (RCSSC). Having identified the real epidemiologic situation concrete steps will be taken to fight the revealed infection.

The second objective is to conduct identification of types of pathological materials from people infected with brucellosis through bacteriological methods of investigation, with the purpose to identify the most often circulated type of brucella agent in the republic. For that purpose, the serum of brucellosis-infected people will be taken for investigation with the special type of mono-specific diagnostic serum. This investigation will be conducted at the laboratory of extra dangerous infection of the RCSSC, and in the laboratory of EDID of region CSSC in GBAO, Kurgantube zone, Kuyab area, Sogd Oblast and in the selected localities. This is very important in the future to select drugs to cure the infected people and in taking the concrete steps to fight the sources and factors of infection and so on.

In the course of implementation, for the first time in Tajikistan and in the Center for State Sanitary Control the PCR laboratory will be applied which will enable the specialists for a very short period, identify the agent of infection process, its type, DNK Brucella in various objects and so on.

The third objective is to conduct investigation of the milk and diary products to clarify their roles as a transmission factor of brucellosis at the Dushanbe Milk Combinat for the districts adhered to Dushanbe city, and in the laboratory of Republican, oblast, city and district Centres for State Sanitary control for the remote areas from Dushanbe. In the districts and cities the work will be carried out by the specialists of Center for State Sanitary Control. If the mild and diary products will be identified by the investigation as one of the main sources of brucellosis infection for the population, it will allow the specialists to make the control over the milk and diary products realization stronger. Specific surveillance will be taken to make the control stronger over the people selling the milk and diary products in the streets, specifically to provide the safety for using these products, control will be made over the import and export of these products and etc.

In the laboratory of the department of extra dangerous infections of the RCSSC beside the other surveillance controlling investigations will be conducted under the supervision of an experienced bacteriologist of this laboratory Shozodaeronova Sh.

The positive results of this investigation will be urgently reported to the veterinary service to take the prompt anti epizootic steps.

The fourth objective is that according to the results of the projects instructive and methodical recommendations will be developed for doctors and the paramedical staff, as well as guidance on preventive work, fight, diagnostic and treatment of brucellosis. In addition, information and communication materials will be developed and distributed for the population to promote health education and increase the knowledge of the population which has an important role in action against brucellosis. Moreover, information on hygiene and propaganda of hygiene will be used through local TV, radio, newspapers and etc.

The present project meets all the needs of ISTC. It allows re-orient the group of specialists *weapon* composed of 19 persons (61 % of the total number of people-days) to solve the important tasks.


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