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Elaboration of steel ware plasma surface heat treatment technology


Elaboration and Research of Universal Plasmation with Electromagnetically Controlled Plasma Arc and Technology of High-Speed Plasma Surface Heat Treatment of Bulky Carbon Steel Ware

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  • MAN-MPS/Manufacturing, Planning, Processing and Control/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Georgian Technical University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • PYE Metallurgical Consalting Inc., USA, Meadville\nUniversité de Paris VI / Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France, Paris\nUniversity of Minnesota / Department of Mechanical Engineering, USA, MN, Minneapolis\nAXIC, Inc., USA, CA, Santa Clara

Project summary

Elaboration and creation of highly effective universal plasmatron with electromagnetically controlled plasma arc and technological process of plasma surface heat treatment (hardening and hardening + high-speed plasma tempering) of bulky steel ware is the goal of the presented project.

Traditional methods of steel parts heat treatment (gas-flame heating, induction hardening, etc.) as well as surface hardening with highly concentrated heating sources (laser, plasma arc, etc.) have positive aspects:

– using gas-flame heating surface overheating of parts is practically inevitable. As a result its structure and properties are deteriorated. Besides, depth of the hardening zone and temperature control are hampered;

– using high frequency current, heating of bulky parts is impeded Production of coils for each part makes hardening process of single parts unprofitable, since hardening process price is risen because of coil and induction plant value;

– using laser and plasma hardening traditional methods heating spot width on the surface of treated metal ware is limited (2-10 mm); thus hardening productivity and quality considerably decrease, especially when bulky metal ware working surfaces are treated. Besides, laser sets are expensive and hardening process control is complicated.

Elaboration of electromagnetically controlled plasma arc surface hardening technology of bulky carbon steel ware enable: to increase productivity of the process, improve hardening quality by obtaining 50-70 mm width homogeneous structure of hardened surface (while one plasmatron run) with high wear resistance and operational characteristics of metal ware.

Elaboration and creation of high productive and economic method of steel ware prehardened working surfaces high-speed plasma tempering with electromagnetically controlled plasma arc will enable: to control hardness, strength and plasticity of steel ware working surfaces hardening zone; to avoid temper brittleness; obtain high dispersive (fine grained) structures with hardness and plasticity optimum ratio.

Using elaborated plasmatron construction and bulky steel ware plasma surface heat treatment technology used for metallurgical and power industry, rolling stock and other fields of mechanical engineering will enable to increase considerably (2 - 4 times) steel parts wear resistance, reliability and durability.

Volume of suggested project work includes:

– elaboration and production of universal plasmatron with electromagnetically controlled plasma arc;

– elaboration and research of steel ware plasma surface hardening technology;
– elaboration and research of steel ware prehardened surface high-speed plasma tempering method and technology;
– metallographic analysis of steel parts after plasma surface heat treatment.

Competence of scientists and specialists involved in this project is proved by their long-term experience of scientific-research work concerning plasma treatment of materials and design different kinds of plasmatrons.

Project director Navdarashvili I.I. has more than 20 inventions in former USSR, patents of Georgia and other countries and a number of articles concerning plasma treatment of materials. Presented project will enable weapon scientists and specialists of Georgia to join the International Scientific Association.

The project will contribute in restoration and development of Georgian industry and it might be necessary and perspective for other countries too.

Partnership of foreign collaborators involves in project information exchange, commenting up annual reports for taking part in commercializing of elaborated technology and equipment.


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