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Clinical Tests for New Anticancer Preparation


New Preparation GA-40 under Clinical Tests for Anticancerogenic Effectiveness and Study of Molecular Mechanisms Acting on Malignant Lung Tumors

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine
  • BIO-CHM/Biochemistry/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
Tbilisi State University, Georgia, Tbilisi

Supporting institutes

  • National Oncological Center, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Northwestern University Medical School, USA, IL, Chicago\nUniversity of Massachusetts, Medical Center, USA, MA, Worcester\nUniversity of Washington / Joseph Gottstein Memorial Cancer Research Laboratory, USA, WA, Seattle\nOtsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Japan, Tokushima

Project summary

The main aim of the project is to work out the effective and safe method of lung cancer treatment by applying the newly created preparation GA-40 and to carry out fundamental research in order to reveal the molecular mechanisms of its anticancerogenic effect. Existing traditional methods of treatment as well as prevention against lung cancer are not effective and safe enough and that is why, as the given statistics bear witness, the mortality rate of this disease continue to grow both in Georgia as well as in many other countries. Scientists and experts from the Science-Research Laboratories of the Tbilisi State University and from the National Oncological Center of Health Ministry of Georgia will participate in the project. Nine doctors of science and three candidates of science will participate in the project. Oncological physicians having a long experience in testing of antitumor preparations will conduct the clinical tests of the preparation GA-40. Scientists in the fields of biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, physiology, and molecular biology having long experience will conduct the scientific-research work. The new knowledge gained within the framework of the completed project in accordance with the study of the actions of the molecular mechanism of the new preparation GA-40 for different cancerous tumor cells will allow to give a substantial contribution in perfecting the strategy of application in parallel with the conducted clinical tests. The expected positive results will enable us to propose new effective and safe methods of application of the preparation GA-40 with preventive aims in the treatment of oncopatiants with malignant lung tumors. The successful results on the completion of the clinical tests on phase II and III will allow to set the realization of phase IV which foresees commercial aims – marketing, advertising, and production. The realization of the proposed project, in connection with the aims of ISTC, provides fundamental research and technology demonstration in the fields of biology and medicine. The existing project will make it possible to gain a fuller knowledge on fundamental aspects of carcinogenesis as well as to work out, as a result, a new safe and effective method for treating lung cancer which must contribute to the decision of national and international problems in the medical field and to have important social and economic consequences. Correspondence with foreign collaborators will promote the project’s goals and development of modern oncology.


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