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Vibronoise Absorbing Materials


Making High-Performance Ecologically Safe Vibronoise Absorbing Composite Materials Based on Polyvinylacetate Plastics

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  • ENV-EHS/Environmental Health and Safety/Environment
  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials

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VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH, Germany, Chemnitz\nAuburn University, USA, AL, Auburn\nUniversity of Bradford, UK, Bradford\nAcoutechs, UK, Bradford

Project summary

Increasing demands to quality of life of mankind put forward the tasks of eliminating the negative effects of further urbanization of megacities and creating state-of-the-art high-speed and powerful engineering systems on human environment and on Nature itself.

Ecological safety of megacities and fighting against vibration and noise has become one of the major problems of modern society.

Taking into account wide branching of this complex problem which requires participation of qualified technical experts who have experience in making complex composite vibronoise-protective systems as well as practicing physicians who investigate effects of vibration and noise on human health, the present project will serve scientific research and development of innovative efficient facilities which will not limit the progress of technical facilities due to inadmissible levels of vibration and noise caused by them, but promote reduction of vibration and noise to acceptable levels.

These problems, of course, require applying the system approach to solve interdependent and interconnected problems by efforts of experts of different fields in order to achieve real ecological results.

Therefore, an urgent need arises of extending scientific researches in the field of studying the features of occurrence of biological and biomechanical processes in the human organism subjected to both short-term and long-term vibrations, as well as the reasons of vibration and noise occurrence and methods of their absorption (vibrodamping).

The made composite polymeric materials, their possible types and modifications being developed using mathematical methods of their simulation as well as prediction of vibro-acoustic characteristics of engineering facilities at the stage of development and designing can be useful in fighting against these phenomena.

Complexity of designs of modern mechanisms and machines make preferable the vibronoise-absorbing composite materials such as mastics possessing exclusive adhesive properties, which are applied to any curvilinear (complex) surfaces, strong, nontoxical, nonflammable, affordable and have a long service life. Vibro-damping materials differ basically in frequency range of effective operation and in working range of temperatures.

For such materials the composites based on thermoset binders with solid and liquid fillers, including those based on polyvinylacetate plastics, are used. The basic requirement imposed on them is increase of loss factor and expansion of a working range of vibro-absorbing layer temperatures.

The objective of the present project is to make high-performance composites based on dispersions of vinyl acetate copolymers with other co-monomers (non-saturated carboxylic acids and their derivatives) including also various fillers (graphite, rubber, epoxy resins, etc.), which make it possible to achieve the given physicomechanical parameters of vibronoise-absorbing coatings on demand of manufacturers of mechanisms and machines, construction objects and buildings, who know the sources of vibration and noise.

Making such composite materials for shipbuilding, aerospace, motor and railway transport will ensure their successful application in new fields, in megacities - civil construction, in large central air conditioning and heating systems in hyper-and supermarkets, in high-speed lifts of multistoried buildings, in mechanisms and machines of general civil use and, naturally, in voyage ships, aircraft, railway and motor transport of any class.

Making new materials based on thermoset binders such as water dispersions of polyvinyl acetate at minimum power inputs, without using toxic, fire-dangerous solvents and fillers will solve one of the main tasks that is ecological safety of vibronoise-absorbing materials themselves as well as their role for the environment.

Presently, besides research and selection of optimal composition of a composite vibronoise-absorbing material, the issues concerning a place of applying and the areas of vibro-absorbing layer to achieve maximum effect from this application remain unsolved.

The developed materials will be tested on test benches and setups with maximum approximation to industrial conditions in order to update technological parameters of developed materials on customer's request.


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