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Near-Surface Plasma


Investigation of the Interaction of the Plasma Flows with the Surface of Solid Bodies in Cryogenic Vacuum

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  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
Moscow State Technical University of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Russian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics / Fryazino Branch, Russia, Moscow reg., Fryazino


  • Snecma, France, Vernon

Project summary

Presently the problems of the research of features of the low temperature plasma interaction with the solid bodies surfaces are arisen in the different physical experiments. The interest to the study of such interaction is related to large-scale researches on an application of plasma methods for the creation of semiconductor structures in microelectronics and on the carrying-out of physical experiments on the modeling of processes in the plasma astrophysics. The similarity of processes in the near-surface plasma under different conditions of the carrying on of the physical experiments allows to highlight the activities in this area as the fundamental direction of researches. Results of these researches may be used for the profound understanding of the processes of the plasma interaction with the surface of solid bodies. In addition, the execution of this project will allow to extend the resources of methods and diagnostics facilities of processes in the near-surface plasma.

The development of the present-day knowledge of the plasma physics demands the study of the physical processes in the near-surface plasma under the conditions of the low pressure, i.e. in the cryogenic vacuum (10-5-10-7mmHg). During 30 years the collective of the “Scientific and technical center of plasma-dynamics high technologies” in MIREA is successfully engaged in the study of physical processes of the plasma interaction with the solids surfaces. However the results obtained at the obsolete experimental base in MIREA demands the verifying at the stands measured up to the world level. The development and manufacturing of the vacuum stand with the cryogenic pumping, providing the minimal ingress of the products of the plasma interaction with the stand construction elements and also light-weight components into a plasma generating source is the necessary condition of the researches carrying on at the world level.

The realization of this purpose is achieved by the carrying out the investigations in the following directions:

  • the determination of the basic rules of processes, accompanying the interaction of plasma with a solid bodies surface;
  • the development of microwave diagnostics methods of the interaction of plasma with a solid bodies surface on the basis of the founded mechanisms of the instability of the near-surface area of the plasma and microwave oscillations excitation;
  • the determination of cryogenic vacuum components, influencing on the films forming on internal surfaces of plasma-generating device, which properties, in particular, the coefficient of the secondary electron-ion emission, determine the mode of its operation;
  • the development of the requirements to the vacuum chamber construction and to the vacuum composition which will be adequate to the physical processes in the real plasma devices.

The works on the research of microwave processes in the non-equilibrium plasma have been carried out in IRE RAS during many years. The unique methods of the determination of spectral and power parameters of the electromagnetic fields excited in plasma are developed during the carrying out of these works. The application of these methods under the carrying out of the near-surface plasma researches will allow to reveal the mechanisms of the processes examined in the project and to formulate the basic requirements to electrodynamic and physical characteristics of experimental stand facilities with cryogenic pumping. In order to fulfill successfully this part of the project it is necessary to enrich the apparatus applied for the plasma microwave diagnostics with the newest devices and to develop the proper software for the processing of the obtained experimental data and the carrying out of the simulation calculations.

The proposed project agrees with ISTC purposes: over 50% of its participants are specialists in the area of military applications of the radio engineering systems and devices; the wide co-operation between the Russian scientists and specialists engaged in it and scientists and specialists from France, Italy and other European countries is assumed in the project. The project is directed onto the solution of the most important scientific and technical problems of the international significance, providing the development of the modern technique of the physical experiment and the expansion of knowledge of plasma interaction with the solid bodies surface. The results expected at the carrying out of the project have also commercial value in addition to the scientific one, because they open new possibilities of the plasma application in the different areas of the science and technique.


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