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Fire Protective Coatings


Fire Retardand /Heat Resistant Paint, Primer Insulation and Other Materials

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  • CHE-ANL/Analytical Chemistry/Chemistry
  • CHE-IND/Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering/Chemistry
  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology

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Leading Institute
Siberian Chemical Combine, Russia, Tomsk reg., Seversk

Supporting institutes

  • All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Non-Organic Materials named after A. Bochvar, Russia, Moscow


  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, NY, Upton

Project summary

The aim of the project is to produce a new fire-protective coating for power cable service lines and surfaces of engineering structures, adapt it to the US (and Russian) fire safety requirements and define the product’s innovative potential.

Taking into the consideration the research-and-engineering experience in fire protection production (namely, FBCC-2 coating) that JSC “SCC” and JSC “VNIINM” has gained, the production of fire-protecting bloating coatings (FBC) has been selected as the major field of the project efforts, since they can be considered as an analogue to fire-protecting bloating cable coating FBCC-2. The coating exhibits the ability to bloat at strong heating (at the contact with fire) with a multifold volume increase. Due to this, the coating material blocks all travel paths for flame and heat. The effect of material coating volume increase is used as a basis for the application of modern protecting coatings, such as foaming coatings, however, this process is accompanied with considerable gas emission – toxic gases are emitted, with the protective effect being limited (again, due to the significant gas amount in the protection structure). The coatings developed under the project increase their volume when heated without any toxic gas emissions, and, consequently, with a slight mass change (5-7% loss). To obtain the required properties, it is proposed to use two-component composition of bonding material and powder filler, with the ratio being changed depending to the application. The bonding material and filler compositions need to be justified in the project.

Besides, it is necessary to adapt the produced coatings properties to the fire safety norms SOLAS A-60 that are used in the USA.

The fire-protecting bloating coating under design refers in the world practice to the technologies of a pioneer product creation, ranks over well-known foreign and Russian similar coatings in terms of fire-resistance and combustion containment at shock and cyclical heat loads. Unlike widely-used foaming coatings, this coating is being designed on the basis of brand new scientific solutions. The underlying concept is the use of annealed (carbonified) layer which is marked by slight (5-7%) mass loss, high surface adhesion after fire effect, and toxicological safety.

Considering active cooperation of JSC “VNIINM” and JSC “Siberian Chemical Combine”, JSC “SCC” acts as a leading institution under the project. This will allow using the results of previously performed research-and-development activities on FBCC-2 coating production as a basis and creating the technology for production of fire-protecting bloating coatings not only for cable routings, but also for metal and wooden structures.

The research activities performed in the course of the project provide the results which serve as the prerequisites for the successful formation of fire-protective bloating coatings at the pilot production. The establishment of the production facility will provide new jobs for the experts previously involved in mass destruction weapon production and allow manufacturing science-intensive products being in demand in internal and outer markets.

The project duration is 3 years.


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