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Patent Information on Nuclear Reactors


Analysis of Perspective Technical Solutions of Nuclear Power Facilities on the Basis of Patent Information Study.

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  • FIR-REA/Reactor Concept/Fission Reactors

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Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Supporting institutes

  • NIKIET (Sverdlovsk Branch), Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Zarechny


  • European Commission / Joint Research Center / Institute for Transuranium Elements, Germany, Karlsruhe\nLawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, CA, Livermore

Project summary

Project goals: Search of perspective designs (inventions) in the field of nuclear power engineering as well as the creation of conditions for arising new ideas, which can be assumed as a basis of new "break-through" technologies.

Technical approach: Search for inventions will be performed according to the patent office issues of USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, USSR (Russian Federation and other states of CIS), EPO and WIPO (international applications - PCT).

Simultaneously, the attention will be paid to the search of fundamentally, new technologies as well as to such known perspective directions, as:

- thermonuclear reactors;
- hybrid fusion-fission reactors;
- power-generating electronuclear reactors;
- power-generating pulsed nuclear reactors;
- fission thermal - neutron and fast - neutron reactors and etc.

The chosen inventions will be analyzed from the standpoint of their real value. Possibility for their structural realization will be assessed. All the possible misinforming patents will be excluded. The most interesting designs will be subjected to the most thorough analysis.

The particular attention will be paid to the analyses of the inventions of former USSR, Russian Federation and other CIS countries, including their comparison with the inventions of industrial developed countries.

Expected results: As a result of the Project realization, the promising directions in nuclear power facilities development will be systematized, analyzed and revealed.

When taking part in this Project specialists of nuclear weapon can familiarize themselves with the newest achievements of science and technology in the field of nuclear power engineering: patent information is published earlier by several years, and moreover, only 10-15 % of technical information containing in the patent one gets into the usual technical literature. The analysis of already known inventions will make possible also to urge the participants of the Project on the creation of new unexpected inventions in the field of nuclear power engineering. Probability for arising new ideas which can be assumed as a basis of new "break-through" technologies is highly real as a result of the Project fulfillment since the known inventive method - involving of the specialists from the related (adjacent) field into the field of technology being in need of new ideas has been applied, and the task for the analysis of the inventions in this field of engineering has been set for them.

The analysis will be performed with the orientation towards the elaboration of the following proposals:

- concepts of new, in principle, nuclear power devices (NPD);
- new ideas in the nuclear safety field;
- new ideas with respect to decrease in nuclear waste of NPD or the application of the NPD waste for useful purposes;
- new ideas concerning the exception of the probability for application NPD, nuclear fuel and the products of the NPD operation in terrorist and military aims;
- new ideas regarding the prolongation of NPD service life as well as the NPD utilization;
- new ideas with respect to the NPD usage in vehicles, for example, in spacecraft;
- other ideas (concepts).

The ideas arising within the framework of the Project can be assumed as a basis of new mutually profitable projects with foreign collaborators.

From the standpoint of the ISTC goals - the reorientation of nuclear weapon specialists to nuclear power engineering is one of the most expedient solutions.

Most of the Project participants are the well known nuclear specialists and have many publications and inventions.

The control over the work under the Project is readily realized by the issue of the reports with respect to a search and the reports on different directions according to each stage of the Project as well as by proposals regarding new projects on the basis of ideas being appeared as a result of work under the present Project.


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