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Energy Rich Materials


Development and Basic Study of Intercalated Energy Rich Materials and Strong Oxidizers

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  • CHE-SYN/Basic and Synthetic Chemistry/Chemistry

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Leading Institute
Nikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Novosibirsk reg., Novosibirsk

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Solid State Chemistry, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg


  • University of Delaware / Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, USA, DE, Newark

Project summary

The purpose of the project is to develop a new generation of strong oxidizers combining powerful action, and safety in handling and use and environmental protection. An example is new elaborated disinfection and deodorant material, based on fluorographite, intercalated by Chlorine Oxide, C1O2. Such material is ~ 10 times more powerful, than widely used hypochloride [chlorinated] lime. Studies and market surveys have shown that a need exists in the commercial sectors around the world for such materials used for bleaching of paper and fabrics, for disinfection and deodoration of potable water, for neutralization of wastes, etc.

Technical approach

The technical and methodological approach to achieving the objective of the Project is based upon continued improvement of the modified technique of intercalation of fluorographite with different strong oxidizers and energy rich materials. Basically, the technique includes two stages: (1) Preparation of primary products according to reaction:

Graphite + Hal Fn ® Cx F у Hal Fn + Hal Fn-m,

where CxF is fluorographite, x»2, Hal Fn is halogen fluoride (C1F3, BrF3, or BrF5).

(2) Preparation of the final products according to "molecular exchange" reactions:

CxF y Hal Fn + R ® CxF z R + у Hal Fn;

CxF z R + R’ ® CxF n R’ + z R,

where R and R' are mutually soluble intercalants C1O2, NO2, HNC3, C(NO2)4, etc. The final product Cx F z R is chemically inert powder, containing R molecules isolated in fluorographite coating up to 30% by the weight. The final product is stable up to definite temperature of decomposition when R is released, and activated.

The scope of activity includes characterization, and basic study of intercalated fluorographites: molecular structure, conditions of security, chemical stability and long-term conservation, phase diagram, guest-guest and guest-host interactions. Such study is essential for development of the new generation of powerful oxidizers with strictly controlled activity for different areas of applications from waste neutralization to preparation of potable water.

Anticipated results

1. Fluorographite intercalated by chlorine oxide material suitable for disinfection use will be prepared by the modified molecular exchange technique. Process conditions and hardware will be developed to preparation material with high concentration of active component.
2. Fluorographite primary products for its complete characterization will be grown by direct interaction of graphite and halogen fluorides. Process conditions and hardware will be developed to preparation of high quality starting materials for preparation of final products.
3. Hardware will be developed for controlled activation of intercalated fluorographite materials.
4. Intercalated fluorographite materials will be tested and characterized in detail. Tests at temperature, pressure, radiation, and chemical environments will be carried out.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of University of California, Berkeley, USA, and Union Carbide Corporation, 39 Old Ridgebury Road, CT 06817-0001, USA, and some others would evaluate fluorographite intercalated by strong oxydizers developed under the ISTC proposal.


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