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Magnetic Stimulator for Medical Treatment


Development of the Apparatus Prototypes and Methods of High Intensity and Middle Frequency Pulse Magnetic Field Stimulation of Different Organism Structure of an Animal and Human

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  • MED-DID/Diagnostics & Devices/Medicine
  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation
  • PHY-SSP/Solid State Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
Scientific-Practical Materials Research Centre NAS of Belarus, Belarus, Minsk

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Physiology, Belarus, Minsk


  • Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen / Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Germany, Göttingen\nZimmerelectromedizin AB, Germany, New-Ulm

Project summary

The aim of the project is to work out prototypes of apparatus and stimulation methods of different body structures in animals and man by high intensity middle frequency pulse magnetic field.

Project Actuality. High intensity stimulation with a pulse magnetic field is an effective contactless technique of physiotherapeutic treatment of different diseases, as applied both locally and transcranially to the central nervous system. At present high intensity magnetic stimulation, due to appreciable energy consumption for making up a strong pulse magnetic field is effected by single pulses with a frequency 1 Hz, which largely decreases its efficiency. Besides, the inadequate understanding of the nature and mechanism of interaction of pulse magnetic field with different body structures limits the techniques of application of magnetic stimulation in therapeutic practice. More effective pulse magnetic stimulation due to frequency region extension and decreasing the energy magnetic pulse generation is project actuality.

Project effect on the progress in application region. In result of the project work the magnetic stimulation efficiency will be increase and the weight, energy consumption and price will be decrease, and this determines the most wide application of the magnetic stimulation methods in medical practice.

Project participants. The complex character of studies in the project predetermines the participation of specialists in the different areas. The scientists of the leading Institute, IFTTP of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, are specialists in control systems with application of the physics and technique of pulsed magnetic field, whose works in this area are defended by author s certificates. The workers of Institute of Physiology of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are well-known specialists in studies of the autonomic nervous system and practical medicine. To perform the planned research, the Institutes possess largely the necessary experimental facilities and materials and instruments required for this purpose.

Expected Results and Their Application. The category of the proposed project is the applied studies, development and demonstration of technology. The project includes two main tasks.

1. Task 1 - to work out soft magnetic composition materials with saturation induction 2,2 Tesla, including the technology and sintering processes. On base this new magnetic composition materials will be developed and optimized the pulse magnetic field source with demanded magnetic induction orientation, its value and others parameters. The apparatus prototype for generating pulse magnetic field 1.0-1.3 Tesla with pulse duration in region 100-300 mksec, and frequency up to 250-300 Hz will be developed.

2. Task 2 - to study the mechanism and nature of interaction of pulse magnetic fields with different body structures and to elaborate techniques of stimulation by pulsed magnetic fields in treatment of different diseases. In experiments on animals the optimal parameters of stimulation (field intensity, pulse frequency, rate of field rise, length of exposure) will be determined and methods of treatment of different diseases will be proposed.

Meeting ISTC Goals and Objectives. The project corresponds to the main objectives of ISTC:

- The project will facilitate reorientation of the participants to peaceful activities of the “arm” specialists in the area of the strong magnetic fields for the development medical technique.

- It encourages the integration of participants with the international scientific community through joint studies and development and testing of new medical equipment and methods of treatment.

- It supports basic and applied investigations and development of technologies for peaceful purposes - production of a new generation of equipment for treatment of some human diseases and treatment methods.

- It promotes the solution of tasks on health improvement. Adoption of the apparatus will enable to more widely apply medicinal treatment of some diseases.

- It supports the transition of participants to market economy. After the project is over it is planned to establish a joint Belarus-German enterprise and to produce the equipment developed in the project.

Project results application. Project results will be fundamental base for the medical methods and recommendation of the pulse magnetic stimulation application for the treatments of the organism pathological states.

The project results permits to develop highly effective physiotherapeutic technique as principal new instrument in therapy and medical and biology researches.

Role of Foreign Collaborators. During project will be planned:

- Exchange of information in the course of the project.
- Cross verifications of results obtained during the project.
- Testing and estimation of equipment and methods developed in the project.
- Joint symposia and working seminars.
- Joint experiments at the Collaborator facilities.

In future, with participation of Zimmerelektromedizin AB, on the basis of project prototype it is planned to produce industrial samples corresponding to international standards, with subsequent extensive application in practice. Equipment solutions of the magnetic stimulator and its application are to be defended by international patents.

Technical Approach and Methodology. Development of the prototype apparatus for the high intensity and middle frequency pulse magnetic stimulation bases on the research results of IFTTP NASB scientists of the new soft magnetic composition materials and their using as sources of the magnetic fields. These results are defended with authors certificates and patent. The nature and mechanism of the pulse magnetic field interaction with different organism structure of animal and man and methods development of the treatments with its application bases on physiological study of the pulse magnetic stimulation in processes of the centers activity of the nerve systems and separate organs and others systems. The complex analysis of the pulse magnetic field interaction with tissue and different organs will be provided. On base of the project results the physiotherapeutic treatment methods will be proposed.


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