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High-Voltage Impulse Source of Nanosecond Duration


Investigation and Development of High-Voltage Impulse Sources of Nanosecond Duration on the Basis of Double-Forming Line

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  • OTH-ELE/Electrotechnology/Other

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Leading Institute
Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow


  • Metatech Corporation, USA, CA, Goleta

Project summary

The aim of the Project - creation of a high voltage pulses source of a nanosecond duration range with the maximal amplitude of 100 - 150 kV on the basis of a double forming line of cable design. The pulse form is close to rectangular shape with duration up to 50 - 100 nanoseconds with the source total resistance of 75 Ohm. Advantage of the source – universal constructive design of the pulse formation path, providing the ability of operative replacement of elements: the storage line, the commutator and loads by means of specially developed high-voltage socket connections. Such design will allow changing operating modes and the structure of the source elements to use it for a wide scope of devices of various designations and, including for the solving of such actual problems, as technology of cleaning of gas emissions of the industrial and power enterprises from ecologically harmful oxides and organic impurities; the standardized tests with high voltage nanosecond duration pulses; maintenance of metrological researches; nanotechnologies; for processing of mineral oil; in medicine.

Nowadays researches of processes of cleaning of gas emissions of industrial and power enterprises from ecologically harmful oxides SO2, CO, NOx and organic impurities are intensively carried out with the purpose of creation of effective installations for cleaning from harmful emissions. One of perspective is the method of cleaning using powerful intensive nanosecond streamer corona in the reactionary chamber with parameters, suitable for industrial application – and for this purpose a source generating high voltage pulses of nanosecond duration with recurrence frequency up to 10 kHz is necessary. In not numerous experimental installations on cleaning of gases with application of pulse voltages, use, as a rule, cable generators with voltage multiplication. Existing designs of such generators practically do not allow realization of effective parameters for reduction in specific power inputs for cleaning.

Function of modern technical means is accompanied by excitation of electromagnetic disturbances with nanosecond duration parameters. Ensuring immunity to such disturbances demands the development of adequate test facilities with the normalized parameters. The Standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) proposes an obligatory type of tests by high voltage pulses with nanosecond duration parameters in the range from units up to several tens of nanosecond, but necessary test facilities and techniques of tests are absent.

Prompt development in nanosecond technologies defines an urgency and necessity of researches in the field of metrology of nanosecond high voltage pulse parameters. In this area a few theoretical researches, and experimental researches are in an initial stage, there are no efficient samples of metrological installations of the specified range of parameters.

Researches in application in medicine of new methods and effective means are carried out, including creation of up-to-date reliable and safe devices in which a base element is a source of high voltage pulses with adjustable parameters of amplitude and metered pulse duration. For example, in radiotherapy, the pulsed voltage sources with pulse duration in nanosecond range and frequency of recurrence within the limits of several Hz are needed. The level and results of researches in this area now do not allow to make efficient sources with such parameters, and, hence, a full-scale medical check of safety and efficiency of the specified methods is impossible to ensure.

Researches in the field of ecology on problems of effective technologies of processing and cleaning of mineral oil with the aim of practical application of research results, undoubtedly, are actual. Creation of installations for the specified technologies on the basis of sources of nanosecond duration pulse voltage should be attributed to perspective enough direction of researches, as now effective installations for these purposes are not created, that essentially limits opportunities of carrying out of necessary experimental researches.

Thus, practically many problems of the effective solution of objectives in the field of technology of cleaning of gas emissions of the industrial and power enterprises from ecologically harmful oxides and organic impurities, in carrying out of the normalized tests by nanosecond duration impulses, in maintenance of metrological researches, in wide scope of nanosecond technologies, in technology and ways of processing of mineral oil, in medicine are caused appreciably by imperfection of power unites – special sources. Requirements to parameters of sources rather stringent – short, nanosecond duration, rectangular form of high voltage pulses. Such requirements define difficulties of creation of a complex of required sources in view of a comprehensible design for installations of wide applied designation.

Sources of generation of stable nanosecond duration pulses of high voltage up to 150 kV with recurrence frequency up to several kHz are necessary for optimization of carrying out both theoretical, and experimental researches. Development and application of the generator on the basis of a double forming line will allow to improve and stabilize qualitatively parameters of pulses, will expand the area of application of the source, will provide creation of a measuring complex with the response time not exceeding units of nanosecond, to formulate requirements to elements of the source, to develop principles of efficient design construction of separate units and the generator as a whole. The universal demountable base design of the source with the complete set of replaced elements and providing change of elements of the path of pulse formation will ensure fast source alignment for any of regular modes of the installation, will make possible use of the source for the specified areas which essentially differ on operating conditions and a mode. Development and manufacture of such sources will create conditions for a new stage of researches, will allow to provide a necessary high level of researches, will considerably facilitate and will speed up creation of industrial samples of installations, methods, devices and technologies in the listed areas of science, technique and applied use of results of researches, in the field of measurements of high voltage pulses of nanosecond duration and the solution of problems of electromagnetic compatibility and tests in such conditions.

The participants of the Project – highly skilled scientific workers, engineers and technicians, the basic scientific workers have scientific degrees in the field of high voltage technology and experimental physics. The members of the working group of the Project have experience of development and manufacturing of experimental samples of pulse voltage generators, including generators of nanosecond duration pulses, separate units and elements of high-voltage devices, they took part in scientific researches in the field of science and technology on the Project theme, possess certain already done back-log and an operational experience, have working prototypes of separate units of the source offered for development in the Project.

The developed source based on universal remountable construction design with the complete set of replaced elements will allow to improve and stabilize essentially parameters of pulses and will expand the area of possible application of the source. This source providing operative adjustment of pulse parameters for a variation of parameters of load, operating modes, will make possible the use of the source for wide application in experimental, and applied areas as well. The source with advantage of multi-purpose and wide application is intended for maintenance of work of various installations, the need in which, undoubtedly, will continuously grow. Development of the source will allow defining the basic requirements to the source elements, principles of design and creation of efficient constructions of separate units and the generator as a whole, to solve problems of electromagnetic compatibility in these conditions.

Toughening of requirements on cleaning gas emissions of industrial and power enterprises from ecologically harmful oxides and organic impurities demands a plenty of installations on cleaning, and the sources developed in the Project are effective for application in installations of small and middle capacity.

Development of a measuring complex and measurement technique of high voltage pulses of nanosecond range will define for elements of the complex constructive solutions which can be used in installations of similar design and application assignment, for test pulses, the metrological purposes.

Carrying out of the normalized tests with nanosecond duration impulses according to developed Standard IEC will need plenty of test facilities with a corresponding measuring complex to equip test laboratories and centers. As the generators forming test nanosecond duration impulses required by the Standard, it is possible to use modifications of the source developed in the Project.

In medicine installations with the certificated parameters in which stable and safe sources of high voltage pulses with metered nanosecond duration are used, and the demand of the sources developed in the Project can be great enough.

Development and manufacture of the source will create conditions for a new stage of researches at higher level, will considerably facilitate and will speed up creation of industrial samples of installations, methods, devices and technologies in the listed areas of science, technique and applied use of research results.

Sources, which development is the purpose of the offered Project, can find application in a lot of other areas of human life and activity. All this testifies about rather significant need of the specified sources. On tentative estimations of demand and the conditional average price of the source within the limits of $50000 the total initial sum of realization of them can achieve $5000000 – $10000000.

The Project fully meets the ISTC aims and regulations as the participants of the Project in cooperation with the international scientific community develop installation of especially peace assignment of wide use in the field of ecology, medicine, safety of means, in the field of fundamental and applied researches designated for the solution of the national and international technical problems adequate to civil needs.

For fulfillment of the Project the working group of 23 workers is formed with term of 24 months and full budget cost of the Project of 185000 USA dollars. The carrying out of the Project includes a theoretical part on development of the design and calculation of modes and parameters of the source elements, and manufacturing of a working source model on the basis of modern scientific development and components, with necessary tests and corrections during manufacturing. The established links with the foreign colleagues, planned information interchange, participation in thematic conferences and discussions of results in the run of the Project are stipulated in the plan for the successful fulfillment of the work.


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