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Cosmic Factors and Earthquake


Study of Correlations Between Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations, Seismic Activity and Chemical Elements Circulation in the Ecosystem on Earth

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  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment
  • ENV-OTH/Other/Environment

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Leading Institute
NGO "Sustainable World", Armenia, Yerevan


  • British Geological Survey, UK, Nottingham\nKokushikan University, Japan, Tama

Project summary

After the collapse of the former Soviet Union many studies have had no prolongation and many specialists have remained without occupation operations.

The Scientific- Ecological Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) " Sustainable World “ gathered high specialists for solving ecological problems.

The goal of the project is: To understand the generation process of earthquakes, to explain the phenomenon of an earthquake in Nature.

It is a very complex problem and for its investigation a system (multidisciplinary) approach is needed and we will use the data base that created. Multidisciplinary approach with usage the database, which one is created on the basis of the unique information, which one we have in former USSR and in Armenia, and also is collected from scientific magazines and Internet. During the project will be executed as observations and experiments behind parameters are concerned at study of this problem.

The objectives of the project.

a. Earthquake and cosmic rays.
b. Earthquake and activity of the sun and electromagnetic fields.
c. Earthquake and aqueous ecosystems.

1. Biological community (Bacteria, zooplankton, phytoplankton and benthos) and earthquake.

2. Pattern of a tsunami and its formation.
3. Earthquake and circulation of water and chemical elements.
4. Earthquake and chemistry of water.

The study of these aspects will give a possibility to understand the phenomena of earthquake more clearly, its precursors and its consequences.

Expected results

After finishing the project we will have the following results:

a. Relationship between cosmic rays and earthquakes.
b. Relationship between the Sun activity and earthquakes and also with electromagnetic fields.
c. Model an earthquake in the large aqueous ecosystems.

c1. More details will be described mechanism of tsunami formation (topography, magnitude of earthquake, components of a ground motion and etc.).
c2. Earthquake influence to water circulation of lakes, oceans and seas. Earthquake influence on underground water circulation.
c3. Earthquake influence on water chemistry and circulation of chemical elements.
c4. Earthquake influence on biological communities (bacteria, zooplankton, phytoplankton and benthos animals).

d. New precursors of earthquakes (chemical, biological and etc) will be created.
e. New mathematical models, new algorithms and computer programs will be created.
f. Large database will be created which will be very beneficial to many fields of a science.

This project will clarify some aspects of one of the most interesting phenomena of Nature, phenomenon of an earthquake.


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