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Simultaneous Propagation of Infrasound and Seismic Waves


Investigation of Simultaneous Signal Propagation from the Sources of Infrasound and Seismic Waves for Improving the Performance of the Infrasound Method of Monitoring the Conduct of Nuclear Tests (Continuation of the Research under ISTC Project No. 1341)

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  • ENV-OTH/Other/Environment
  • ENV-SEM/Seismic Monitoring/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Kulikov G G

Leading Institute
NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of the Geophysical Services, Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk\nSiberian Branch of RAS / Institute of Solar-Earth Physics, Russia, Irkutsk reg., Irkutsk\nInstitute of Atmospheric Physics, Russia, Moscow\nKola Science Center / Geological Institute, Russia, Murmansk reg., Apatity


  • Bundesanstalt fur Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe / German National Data Center, Germany, Hannover\nPreparatory Comission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-test-ban Treaty Organization, Austria, Vienna\nRoyal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, The Netherlands, De Bilt\nNORSAR, Norway, Kjeller

Project summary

The Project is continuation of works of the ISTC Project # 1341 "Research of Infrasound Background Characteristics for Estimation of Threshold Sensitivity of Infrasound Method for Nuclear Test Monitoring", and is directed to modernize CTBT monitoring means and methods for verification of the comprehensive nuclear test-ban treaty, on the basis of experimental records of industrial chemical blasts and results of atmospheric researches available in Russian and international institutions.
At performance of the project № 1341 the following results have been received:
- experimental data archive;
- estimate of average infrasound background level in the regions;
- catalogue of processed infrasound signals including classification of signals and spectra;
- results of infrasound measuring apparatus calibration;
- results of joint experiments on infrasound recording while conducting calibration and quarry blasts;
- results of analysis of seismic information, observations and conditions of long-range infrasound propagation.
Intermediate Results Obtained in the Process of Work Implementation:
- apparatus for field measurements of infrasound is developed;
- thorough survey of observation points in Apatity and Obninsk was carried out including measurements of infrasound background level, locations for installation of infrasound sensors (microbarometers) and acoustic filters were selected;
- seismoacoustic array is established on the basis of seismic array in Apatity for simultaneous recording of seismic and infrasound signals, which includes microbarometers, acoustic filters, analog-digital converters (ADC), data receiving and transmission channels (cable lines and radio modems), power supply sources, computers, automatic meteorological station, and software package;
- seismic monitoring point in Obninsk is completed with infrasound channel (acoustic filter, microbarometer, ADC, power supply source, automatic meteorological station, and software package);
- analysis and estimate of different methods of localizing excitation sources of microbaroms and microseismic vibrations was carried out, and also source direction-finding accuracy in the presence of noise was estimated;
- technique for prediction of atmosphere acoustic channels occurrence was developed;
- analysis of time changeability of the structure of acoustic signals from small-power blasts was carried out;
- analysis of the possibility of using data on infrasound signals recorded in the area of geometrical shadow is given for estimating characteristics of atmosphere levels in course of the experiment;
- typical effective sound speed stratification profiles are revealed which determine structure changeability of infrasound signals from small power explosions;
- collection, processing and analysis of data on atmosphere temperature and wind stratification profiles during the time which is the nearest to the time of recording infrasound events is carried.
The Project # 2845 contains activities listed in the Protocols of meetings with collaborators (during of implementation of Project #1341), which ones could not be carried out within the frames of funding the previous Project.
The Project # 2845 stipulates:
· Acquisition, the archiving and analysis of experimental results of simultaneous recording of signals of infrasonic and seismic waves, generated by the natural and industrial sources;
· Research of the evolution of the infrasound signals of industrial blasts (including using of seismic data and information on flexing of atmosphere) when spreading their in different meteorological conditions, and research of the dependencies of infra-bleeps features from distances and meteorological conditions;
· Joint analysis of received information via seismic and acoustic channels about blasts, for the purpose of enhancing characteristics of infrasound method.
The following is assumed as result of the Project # 2845 implementation:
· Establishment of data archive for signals of the sources generating seismic and infrasound waves;
· Establishment of the propagation model of acoustic signal from blast in the atmosphere described by standard model;
· Establishment of the propagation model of acoustic and seismic signals from industrial blast in the quarry;
· Establishment of the propagation model of acoustic and seismic signals from natural signal sources;
· Development of the method of the joint analysis of received information via seismic and acoustic channels about blasts;
· Establishment of infrasound array in Obninsk for recording quarry blasts in the area of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly;
The summarized results will be represented in the form of the Scientific Report.


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