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New Composite Materials


Development of the Technology of Obtaining the New Dielectric, Radiationally Shielding, Moisture and High-Temperature, Cementing Composite Materials Based on Some Ore and Polymeric Materials Matrices

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  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials
  • MAN-MAT/Engineering Materials/Manufacturing Technology
  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials
  • OBS-NAT/Natural Resources and Earth Sciences/Other Basic Sciences

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Georgian Technical University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • Applied Nano Technologies and Systems, LLC, USA, CA, Monterey\nLos Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos\nEUREKOS s.r.l., Italy, Portogruaro

Project summary

The development of the technology of obtaining new composite materials is promising trend in the industry, in particular, in machine building, metallurgy, building, etc.

The profile of the mining geological department of Georgian technical university, in particular the department of mining machines, mine stationary installations and transport, and also the specific character of studies, posed the problem of developing the technology of obtaining new composite materials on the basis of the matrices of the powders of some ore (manganese, copper, molybdenum), nonmetalliferous (basalt, andesite, barytes, zeolite, bentonite) of mineral, polymeric and oligomeric materials and chemical constituents (from the groups of halogens, silicium, alloys from silicates of light alkali metals).

Such works were begun more than 30 years ago. Novelty (originality) and usefulness of one of the developments is protected by the author's certificate of the USSR, # 160247. However, despite, to the significance of such studies, because of the objective reasons they were stopped.

On the basis of that pointed out above, the specific habits on the development of the technology of obtaining composite materials, and also methodological bases of a study of their physicomechanical properties the basic executors of project have.

The basic target of present project is the development of the technology of obtaining new composite materials on the basis of the matrices of the powders of some ore (manganese, copper, molybdenum) and nonmetalliferous (basalt, andesite, barytes, zeolite) minerals; polymeric, oligomeric and chemical constituents from the groups: halogens (fluorine), silicium (silicon), alloys from silicates and alkali metals of sodium or potassium (by waterglass – by water glass) and on the basis of this technology the formation of the new composites, which possess the combination of the new properties, which do not possess not one component of components inpidually, in particular, that cement, moisture and high-temperature (strength), radiationally shielding, dielectric, those simultaneously being high-strength and high-modulus, previously known composite materials exceeding according to these indices.

The scientific value of project consists into: to the development of the methodological bases of experimental studies; the determination of the physicomechanical parameters of new composite materials; development and the establishment of their new properties; the determination of the field of uses, and also range of a change in their properties.

The practical value of project consists in the development of the technology of obtaining the new composite materials, which possess the combination of properties; it is earlier than not inherent in component components. On the basis of this is in practice unconfined the region of their use both in different branches of industry and in the agriculture and in the everyday sphere. Their application is especially expedient when the decrease of the overall sizes of separate parts and knots in the constructions has the determining value, in particular into: mining, to power engineering, to cybernetics, to atomic and space technology, aviation, etc. It is possible to ensure large economic and ecological effect with their realization.

The commercial value of project escapes from a practical purpose and consists in the fact that because of the in practice unlimited sphere of the use of the newly obtained composite materials, they will find large demand on the international market, which will ensure the appropriate economic effect.

For this purpose will be developed the business- plans for each material inpidually, by which it will be possible to judge the region, in which there will most possible effectively be the application of one development or another.

Project completely corresponds to targets ISTC, since in its fulfillment the part of the group of the well-known scholars is taken, those it is previously connected with the different problems of the development of weapon. The proposed project will give to them the possibility of the reorientation of its abilities and habits to the peaceful activity. Project will support the previously conducted studies for the peaceful purposes, and the integration of scientists and teachers of the mining geological department of Georgian technical university into the international scientific association is also encouraged.

For achievement of the goals stated on the project, is necessary the solution of the problems, enumerated in the volume of the activity of present project (task 1-16). Three years will be required for their solution.

Methodology and technical developments will be based to: the application of classical methods of obtaining the composite materials in powder metallurgy (extrusion, runoff); experimental studies on the specially equipped stands; the use of contemporary monitoring-measuring equipment for determining the physicomechanical properties; the mathematical methods of treating of obtained experimental data and definition of characteristics from the separate and complex signs; the graphical analysis of constructing the objective parameters of composites.

As collaborators will be selected the well-known scholars in the field of materials science, mining and physical chemistry, which can coordinate and monitor fulfillment on the project of development and research, and if necessary to be joined to these studies and realization of the obtained results.


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