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Immunocorrection by Intravenous Quant Hemotherapy


Development of New Method of Immunocorrection and Immune Rehabilitation Using Intravenous Quant Hemotherapy

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  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine
  • BIO-CGM/Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
  • BIO-CHM/Biochemistry/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
Eristavi Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Surgery, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • University of Iowa / Center for Macular Degeneration, USA, IA, Coralville

Project summary

Project goal: development of the new method of immune correction and immune rehabilitation, based on intravenous quant hemotherapy.

Problem Validity: Immune correction and immune rehabilitation is one of the most valid problems of modern medicine, as well as nowadays the leading role of immune system disorders in ethiology and pathogenesis of various diseases is revealed and immune supression was finded as a basic reason of post-surgical and post-traumatic complications.

Current Status of the Problem: Active search of new methods of immune correction and immune rehabilitation throughout of the world is carried out. Well-known medications and methods are not effective enough and can be pided in 3 groups:

– With substitutive activity.

– Acting through cytokine pathway:

– decreasing or increasing secretion of pro- or anti-inflammatory cytokines;
– decreasing or increasing producent cells;
– changing number and activity of target cells;
– imitative immune correction.

– Influence on immune system cells DNA, regulation of gene expression and transcription, protein synthesis and secretion.

These medications are of isolated influence on appointed groups of immune system with limited possibilities of immune correction.

New and specific feature of given method: fast and direct quant – energetic influence on whole spectrum of immune competent cels, and mediated through the whole organism – on each immune regulator link of the immune system.

Our previous investigations revealed the definite immunocorrective activity of both autotransfusion of photomodified blood or intravenous blood radiation. It was realized, first of all, by restoration of balances between immunocompetent cell' subpopulations, as well as increasing functional activity of depressed cells. These changes were revealed fastly – during 24-48 hours after first photomodification and were predictors of clinical improvement in patients' condition.

Quant hemotherapy seems to be perspective for universal immune correction, since antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antihypoxic, desaggregative and other activities are revealed by our investigations. However, it was revealed that the level of this activity was depended on spectral-energetic regimen of blood photomodification and inpidual photosensitivity of blood.

Novelty of the project – optimization of the regimen of photomodification according pathology and inpidual photosensitivity of blood and unification of methodics and device for practical implementation.

Realization of the project will allow to create a simple and high-effective method of immune correction and immune rehabilitation.

The project will be realized by high-skilled professionals and well-known scientists with a great experience of investigations in necessary disciplines. A dissertation for Doctor of Sciences and 3 dissertations for Candidate of sciences (Ph.D) degrees are defend on development of the method of quant hemotherapy.

Practical importance of the project. Wide introduction of results into everyday practics will allow to decrease the number of septic post-operative and post-traumatic complications, to improve results of treatment of various diseases, including virus-induced hepatitis and HIV infected patients.

Project corresponds to main aims and problems of ISTC.


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