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Disposal and Long-Term Storage of Long-Lived Radionuclides


Disposal and Long-Term Storage in Geological Formations of Solid HLW and ILW Containing Long-Lived Radionuclides

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  • ENV-WDS/Waste Disposal/Environment

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Leading Institute
VNIPI Promtechnology, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • VNIPIET (3), Russia, Moscow\nState Geological Enterprise (SGE) "Hydrospetsgeologiya", Russia, Moscow

Project summary

Goals and Contents of Activities on the Project

The goal of activities on the Project is formulation and substantiation of scientific and technical basis for reliable and safe isolation of solid and solidified HLF and ILF containing long-lived nuclides from military and civil production in deepweakly permeable geological formations.

Tasks and technical questions solved in the Project

As a result of execution of activities on ISTC Project 059 in 1994-1997 complex of activities was conducted connected with scientific substantiation of main questions for provision of safety while disposing and long-term storing of radwaste from plutonium production, radiochemical processing of spent fuel, and some types of spent fuel from atomic power station reactors. Those investigations allow in future to develop a number of questions in narrower directions which can with more confidence to provide for development of indicated theme accounting primary practical tasks.

Taking into account practical necessity and possible ways of activities on waste disposal during planned period it is supposed to concentrate activities on the following directions:

A. Preparation of substantiations and requirements to develop regulating documents (norms, rules etc.).

В. Improvement of methods for assessment influences of radwaste being disposed on the medium.

С. Specification of database and Information on sites for radwaste disposal, and development of methods for assessment of safety while disposing of radwaste.

Proposed themes are the prolongation of earlier begun complex applicable investigations and substantiations of questions, connected with practical realization of activities on radwaste isolation.

Those activities are being executed in Russia for the first time.

New works are as follows:

A. Preparation of substantiations and requirement for development of regulating documents.

Lately in Russia activities are being executed on compilation of norm-regulation basis on safe execution of works in atomic energy, this demands appropriate substantiations, development of requirements to separate systems, especially in sphere of radwaste disposal.
On the basis of works executed in VNIPIpromtechnologii in past years it seems necessary to prepare regulations on stage-by-stage safety assessment while disposing of radwaste, requirements to the choice of sites for repository construction, to repository designs, and to materials directed for expert examination.

В. Improvement of methods for scientific and technical substantiation of radwaste disposal reliability.

On this section it is supposed to carry out new developments of physico-mathematic models on migration of nuclide with due regard to structural features of rock massif on concrete sites taking into account sorption properties of rocks and other features.
When emplacing HLW and spent fuel in deep boreholes it is planned to substantiate the list of emergency situations accompanied by necessary substantiating materials. Carry out technico-economic and technico-ecological comparisons of different variants of repositories. Besides, it is supposed to develop proposals on new variants of repository designs.
All enumerated questions, accompanied developments and obtained results will be new and will serve the basis for development of the problem of radwaste isolation.

С. Specification of database and information on sites of radwaste disposal and development of methods for assessment of radwaste disposal safety.

Executed activities on the Project to significant degree will help Russian specialist's to complete in shorter terms works having important significance not only for Russia, but for other countries when primary ecological tasks are solved.
Work and close cooperation with foreign specialists, acquintance with the objects for radwaste disposal abroad will allow to improve the quality of executed investigations.

As a result of Project realization it is planned

on A-direction:

- develop methods of stage-by-stage assessment of safety while disposing of radwaste;
- develop technical criteria of safety while isolating radwaste underground;
- develop technical requirements to the choice of sites and repository designs taking into account Russian regulations (A-VI);
- develop requirements to design and research documents directed for ecological examination (A-VII).

on В-direction:

- develop specified physical and mathematic models for calculation of radiation loads on the environment;
- carry out comparative technico-economic and ecological analysis of different schemes for radwaste disposal;
- analyse possible emergency situations while isolating HLW and spent fuel in deep boreholes;
- develop and calculate the scheme for dry storage of HLW and spent fuel in underground shaft wells.

on С-direction:

- carry out specified analysis of geological and hydrological situations for the sites in the vicinity of Smolensk atomic power station;
- carry out specified analysis of geological and hydrological situations within the boundaries of the site chosen for location of the test borehole for the underground laboratory;
- develop complex geological-hydrological models on the sites being studied.


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