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Chromium-Manganese Nonmagnetic Steels


Corrosion- and Wear Resistant Silicon Containing Chromium-Manganese and Nickel-Chromium-Manganese Nonmagnetic Steels with Increased Strength and Toughness for Reliable Work at Normal and Cryogenic Temperatures

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  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Institute of Metallurgy, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • University of Calgary, Canada, AB, Calgary\nMax-Plank-Institute fuer Eisenforschung GmbH, Germany, Düsseldorf

Project summary

The novelty of the project. The novelty of steels is conditioned by the recently found effect of restoration by silicon of austenite stabilizing property of manganese, suppressed in alloys of systems Fe-Cr-Mn and Fe-Cr-Mn-Ni This phenomenon can be used for the development of new principles of alloying and opens the large opportunities for the elaboration of low-cost chromium-manganese and nickel-chromium manganese cryogenic, wear- and corrosion-resistant, etc. nonmagnetic steels with high impact properties and accelerated recession of the induced neutron activity.

The goal of the project is the development of bulk metal and welded connections from it with high impact properties (2.5-3.0 MJ/m2 at cryogenic temperatures) that will be independent of thermal treatment and will maintain raised strength and plasticity. This purpose will be achieved via alloying chromium-manganese and nickel-chromium manganese nonmagnetic steels by carbide non-forming elements, in particular by silicon, and by the greatest possible elimination from solid solution of carbon and nitrogen.

Simultaneously, as one of the important directions of the project, will be the development of high-strength and viscous metastable chrome-manganese corrosion-resistant non-magnetic steels with 1.5 times higher wear resistance than that of Hadfield steel and more technological at the same time.

The effect of restoration by silicon of austenite-forming influence of manganese suppressed in alloys of systems Fe-Cr-Mn and Fe-Cr-Mn-Ni reflects a nature of interatomic bonds in the lattice of austenitic solid solution. Therefore, in comparison with systems Fe-Cr-Mn and Fe-Cr-Mn-Ni observable change of character of borders of single and two phase domains in systems Fe-Cr-Mn-Si and Fe-Cr-Mn-Ni-Si, and also elimination of the low-temperature fragility threshold testify that silicon reduces the share of covalent bonding in favor of metallic one.

The project consists of two interconnected parts: 1) research of fragments, having the greatest practical interest, of the Fe-Cr-Mn-Ni-Si phase diagram and 2) development on the basis of new alloying principles of low-cost cryogenic, wear- and corrosion-resistant, etc. nonmagnetic steels.

For the realization of this program small weight (20 g) precise and large weight (up to 7 kg) laboratory melts of steels with various structures are necessary, followed by hot processing of their ingots, thermal treatment, research of microstructure, evaluation of their wear resistance and definition of physico-chemical and mechanical properties at normal and cryogenic temperatures.

The support of the project will have the important socio economic meaning for Georgia, as scientific potential of group of conducting scientists of the republic, previously engaged in weapon researches will be directed on creation of nonmilitary production at minimal financial costs compared to expenses, necessary for the decision of tasks of a similar level. Besides the realization of the project will promote progress of science and economy of Georgia by development of a new scientific and technical directions and manufacturing competitive production in the world market.


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