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Phago-Immunotherapy of Anthrax


Complex Therapy and Prophylaxis of Anthrax Infection with Specific Bacteriophages and Immunoglobulins

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Senior Project Manager
Frenkel B M

Leading Institute
Institute of Immunological Engineering, Russia, Moscow reg., Lyubuchany


  • Laval University, Canada, QC, Quebec City

Project summary

The Aim of the Project is to validate experimentally the efficacy of a complex application of bacteriophages and highly purified specific antibodies in prophylaxis and treatment of anthrax infection on various stages of its development.

Despite considerable advances in anthrax vaccinotherapy, the foci of this disease are still occur in different parts of the world, resulting in some of the cases with lethal outcomes. One of possible reasons of the lethal episodes is imperfection of the treatment means. Application of heterologic anti-anthrax gamma-globulin results in allergic reactions. Not every antibiotic is effective in respect to a number of antibiotic-resistant strains and variants of B.anthracis.

On the principle of the above, in our opinion, it seems very expedient to apply bacteriophages for therapeutic purposes or in complex application with immunoglobulins being a new perspective trend in prophylaxis and treatment of anthrax infection.

The Project participants have experience in work with bacteriophages and specific immunoglobulins. Anthrax bacteriophages are available at the State Scientific Center of Applied Microbiology, but they have not been used in therapeutic purposes. Besides, the Project participants are planning to obtain a panel of monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) against B.anthracis antibodies, specific for various stages of spore development, and against protective antigen of this pathogen. That will serve as a base for further obtaining of recombinant humanized antibodies with preventive properties suitable for intravenous injection.


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