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Discharge-Pumped Excimer Laser


Creation of a Discharge-pumped Excimer Laser with High-pulse-repetition Rate

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics

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Leading Institute
NIIEFA Efremov, Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Anwenderzentrum Regensburg, Germany, Regensburg

Project summary

Brief description of project

Proposed work is related to the direction of RSIEA and RFNC converse activity and connected with elaboration of equipment for advance high technologies in industry, ecology, medicine.

Purpose of work - creation of samples of pulse periodical excimer ArF/KrF/XeCl-lasers with average power of radiation up to 100 Wt at pulse repetition rate up to 1000 Hz, with radiation field nonconformity less 5%) and life time of gas mixture more 106 pulses. As it is proposed the creation of samples of such UV-laser equipment will be realized by developing of scientific technical results which SRIEA and RFNC have obtained early. They include the new methods of forming of pulse-periodical volumetric discharges in rapid flow of electronegative gases based on using of ultraviolet automatic longitudinal type ionizers (SRIEA) and three-electrode system with intermediate control electrode (RFNC). The using and developing these elaborations allow to create on final stage of work both multipurpose excimer laser capable to operate with high efficiency on the set of different excimer mediums in spectral range 193-308 (350) nm and special lasers optimized for concrete active medium on specific power of pumping.

Besides, it is supposed to continue elaboration of (a) high voltage supply systems based on magnetic compression of pulses with using of semiconductor commutators, (b) gas dynamic contours with minimized acoustic perturbations, (c) raster systems for smoothing of laser radiation field.

Elaborated laser equipment will be found application in manufacturing industry, microelectronics, chemistry, ecological lidar complex, scientific investigations where its need effective ultraviolet laser sources capable to operate both with focused and wide uniform beams. Developed laser is intend for realization of thin, fine technologies including laser cleaning and planarization of semiconductive wafer surface, total photostimulated deposition and etching functional layers on Si and AsGe- substrates, formation of feterostructures and high temperature superconductor layers (microelectronics), laser control of reactions in volume and on surface (chemistry), irradiation of biological objects (medicine), monitoring of environment particularly near nuclear power plants (ecology). •

Expected results

Fulfillment of this project can help to inculcate scientific- capacious and thin technologies in many areas of science and engineering and to cover the produced expenses in near future. On the other hand it allows to preserve teams of scientists and solve their social problems.

Proposed project can help to integrate Russian physicists including Petersburg and Arzamas ones with foreign scientists in the area of creation of effective ultra-violet excimer lasers for human purposes.


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