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Phase-Locked Laser Diode Array


Creation of Powerful Source of Coherent Radiation on the Basis of Phase-Locked Laser Diode Array

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  • PHY-OPL/Optics and Lasers/Physics
  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials

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Leading Institute
Institute of General Physics named after A.M. Prokhorov RAS, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • NPO Lutch / Ceramica-Lutch, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk


  • Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, NM, Los-Alamos\nUniversity of Electro-Communications / Institute for Laser Science, Japan, Tokyo\nOsaka University / Institute of Laser Engineering, Japan, Osaka\nUniversity of Twente, The Netherlands, Enschede

Project summary

The purpose of the project is the development and creation of a powerful source of coherent radiation with a small pergence on the basis of phase-locked in an external resonator laser diode array mounted on a heat exchanger with liquid cooling. This device is the new perspective type of semiconductor lasers possessing the following advantages: excellence of radiation (low pergence - less than 10-4 rads, high intensity - up to 30 W, uniformity of a light beam), high efficiency (up to 70-80 %), compactness, simplicity and reliability of a construction. The principles included and implemented in the given emitter and applied technical solutions can form the basis for creation of the manifold set of laser emitters necessary for fiber-optical communication systems, optoelectronic devices, material-processing and medical tools, scientific researches.
Now development of powerful emitters on the basis of laser diodes is intensively explicating branch of researches in the field of laser physics and technologies. Usage of a principle of phase-locked radiation of separate diodes is considered as one of the most perspective directions. The researches on this problematics, which is carried on in GPI RAS from a beginning of 90-th, include developments of powerful sources on the basis of laser diodes, search of the optimal schemes of implementation of phase-locking one- and two-dimensional laser diode arrays, selection of materials of constructions (together with STC “Ceramica - Luch ”), intensification of heat exchange in emitters and other attendant works. The obtained outcomes are more than 50 W from one centimetric bar in the unphased mode and about 15 W at phased one, they form the basis a statement and execution of the tasks of the stated project.
For reaching object in views carrying out the complex of research and development and technological operations is necessary, that contains:
- development and researches of constructions of powerful laser diode arrays (LDA) of the different configurations and packing density of diodes, experimental and theoretical research of the phasing scheme of LDA radiation in an external resonator;
- research of LDA operating duties in an external resonator for the different configurations of a resonator, for pulsewise - periodic and continuous modes of generation, for different types of heat sinks;
- development and optimization of the system of LDA liquid cooling;
- development of technologies of obtaining and processing of silicon carbide modification with given properties as material for heat sinks of emitters;
- researches on lowering a degradation of laser diodes.
As a result of execution of the project the extensive amount of new scientific data on physics of semiconductor lasers, problem of phase locking and control of their radiation parameters should be obtained. The designed laser emitter is considered as the prototype for industrial models of powerful semiconductor lasers used in processing of materials and articles, in systems of fiber-optical link and optoelectronic devices, in which the compact and reliable powerful lasers with excellence of radiation are necessary.
The execution of the project is recognized schedule in collaboration with the foreign partners. The regular information exchange on current problems of the project, in particular, arguing of obtained outcomes, holding of joint seminars is supposed. To the foreign partners all volume of the necessary scientific and technical information obtained as a result of execution of the project will be submitted.
The implementation of the project will submit possibility to the employees of scientific organizations engaging in military developments, to route the gains on solution of the civil tasks and to use a scientific and technical potential of institutes in the peaceful purposes. The outcomes of the project will be published in issuings accessible to a wide circle of a world scientific public, and it will be represented on international conferences, that should promote the greater integration of the scientists in world scientific community.


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