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Small-Sized Dosimeter


Universal Small-Sized Dosimeter of Photon Radiation

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  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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Leading Institute
NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Research Institute of Optical and Physical Measurements, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The purpose of the present project is the development of universal small-sized dosimeter, intended for measurement of the power, frequency and temporary characteristics of photon radiation, in a wide optical range (0,2...11) microns and X-ray range (0,1... 100) keV.

The universality of the dosimeter consists in measurement of the full set of static and dynamic characteristics of photon radiation in the whole range of an optical spectrum and the most complex for detecting of X-ray spectrum (subsoft area). The dimensions of dosimeter do not exceed 250 ґ 150 ґ 80 mm.

Actuality of this project consists in necessity of a maintaince of the consumer by a universal tool of measurements of the characteristics of photon radiation. It is necessary to select the function of a control safe for the person's of levels of radiation of soft X-ray and ultra violet radiation.

The marketing researches have shown that the existing tools of measurements are not designed for the decision of such complex tasks, since work in a rather narrow spectrum range, have not required universaluniversality and informativity.

Existing dosimeters, such as IIIА, 80Х (UDT corporation), Model 1040, RK5000, Rj 7000 (the CRL corporation) work in a narrow spectral range at a low dynamic range on a registered energy of radiation. They have unsufficient informativity, for example, measure a doze, but cannot estimate the frequency-temporary characteristics of radiation, have not high sensitivity enough, especially in short-wave range of radiation, have large dimensions and weight.

Offered dosimeter completely overlaps a spectral range of the listed devices, besides it will be able to carry out measurements in the field of X-ray radiation, will measure dose and frequency-temporary characteristics of radiation, and will be portable.

The distinctive feature of this device will be presence of the special microprocessor device in its construction, which will allow one automatically to determine the fact of exceed extremely level for safety of the person of photon radiation in various spectral ranges, and to generate a warning signal.

At execution of the project it is provided to carry out the following operations:

- To model and to develop primary measuring converters (PMC). The special technological interest consists in the development PMC for subsoft X-ray and ultra violet radiation. "Know-how" is based on a combination of semiconducting material selected (AIIIBV), surface topology and method of its coating with conductive and insulating layers;
- To develop new methods of dosimeter calibration, essentially raising accuracy of the device, in particular, in the field of subsoft X-ray and ultra violet radiation;
- To develop methods of processing of the measuring information in spectral ranges, allowing to provide operative decisionmaking about the fact of exceed of allowable levels of radiation for safety of the person;
- To develop the microprocessor device for processing the measuring information, comparison of the obtained data with incorporated in memory of the device by values extreme of acceptable levels of radiation and signal system about the fact of exceeding of these levels;
- To develop special constructive and schemotechnical decisions allowing to supply high reliability of the device in conditions of influence of the mechanical and climatic factors;
- To develop methods of tests of the device on stability with influence of the climatic and mechanical factors and to carry out appropriate tests of dosimeter;
- To reveal perspective technical and economic parameters of dosimeter production.

Dosimeter can be used:

In scientific and technical area:

- As a tool of measurement for research of pulse and continuous mode of operations noncoherence sources of optical radiation, in experiments on laser thermonuclear synthesis etc.;
- Services of safety of labor, sanitary and a radiating control, adequate for use and storage of radioactive materials. In industry:
- For a control for maintenance of modes in thermal processes (metallurgy, crystallography and etc.);
- For electronic optics (0,3...11) microns;
- For forecasting of earthquakes (device allows fixing change changes of temperature up to 0,01 centigrades).

In medicine:

- In stomatology, oncology, and diagnosing of local inflammations of human body.

In ecology:

- In monitoring of a ultra violet situation of place (atmospheric UVR) including in zones of "ozone holes";
- For monitoring of radioactive infection of ground and water. Advantages of dosimeter:
- Universality and small-size of design;
- Wide functional possibility (practically all optical and wide X-ray ranges, switching technically difficulty sold short-wave UVR and subsoft X-ray radiation;
- Simultaneous measurements of a doze, temporary and frequency characteristics of radiation in given spectral ranges;
- High sensitivity of dosimeter in all a spectral range at the expense of new development PMC and successful schemotechnical of decisions;
- Mechanical and climatic reliability of dosimeter design;
- Built-in processor for automatic calculation of an extreme admissible level of any type of photon radiation in view of the requirements of the domestic and European standards;
- The power supply from a network or from the built-in accumulator.

The approximate necessity in similar tools of measurements composes on Russia of three - five thousands pieces per one year.

The cost developed dosimeter by serial manufacture will make approximately US$ 1,500. For comparison listed above dosimeters cost 1,000 - 2,500US$, and with allowance for that, that developed dosimeter functionally substitutes 3 - 4 existing, the economic efficiency of development is obvious.

For realization of this project in RIPT and VNIIOFI there is the necessary research-and-production base, highly qualified personnel, having wide experience of development, maintenance and metrological certification of the equipment and devices of defensive assignment, that allows to realize the submitted project with positive result.

We offer to the foreign partners to accept participation in the project as foreign collaborator. The developers of the project are interested in support of the project, in installation of technological contacts, in realization of joint works, as during works out of dosimeter, and its researches in natural tests.

The foreign collaborator of the given project to become the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH, Technik und Umwelt, Germany,

Contact person - doctor Eugene Gabowitch, 3640, D-76021, Karlsruhe.

The literature published by the participants of this project and which will be use in it.

1. Authors certificate a.c. №533832.
2. Authors certificate a.c. №1571813.
3. Authors certificate a.c. №1141846.
4. Patent SU. № 1817836 A.


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