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Human Bone Marrow Cells


Development and Implementation into Practice of the Health Protection Device for Immunomagnatic Separation of the Human Bone Marrow Cells

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  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine

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Leading Institute
TsNIITochmash (Precise Mechanical Engineering), Russia, Moscow reg., Klimovsk

Supporting institutes

  • Scientific Production Center MEDBIOSPECT, Russia, Moscow\nScientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Organo-Element Compounds, Russia, Moscow\nCancer Research Center, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

One of the most advanced ways to overcome the hemotoxity during the massive chemical and ray therapy of cancer sick patients is the autotransplantation of the bone marrow.

However, very often the bone marrow of ill people is affected by metastases. As a result, the task is to separate the healthy stem cells of the bone marrow and to use them for the transplantation. The solution of this problem opens the way for use of monoclonal anti-bodies to CD 34 antigen, specific for stem cells.

The purpose of this supposed study is the development of means to get immunosorbents based on monoclonal antibodies to CD 34,which are conjugated with magnetic controlled particles as well as the develop-ment and implementation into practice of the health protection devices for immunomagnetic separation of human bone marrow cells.

The following has been made at TSNIITOCHMASH 1993-1996 in the frame of the Defense Industry conversion together with the Cancer Research Center of the Russian Medical Academy, the Scientific Production Center "MedBioSpektr” and the State Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Element-Organic compositions: for the first time in Russia the native high effective immunomagnetic sorbent for selection of stem cells of the bone marrow was produced, the possibility of extraction of positive stem cells type CD34 from human leuco mass was experimentally shown, positive decision for granting the patent N7/1243 dated 17.05.96 on application N 95103027/14 dated 03.03.95 "Device for magnetic separation of cells" was received, on the 44th International exhibition"Brussels-Eureka-95" the application on the invention N 95103027/14 dated 03.03.95 "Device for magnetic separation of cells" the Golden medal was granted by the International judges.

The use of the device will allow to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of malignant tumors as well as it will open the perspective for creation of compact criobanks of the bone marrow for those persons whose production activity is connected with higher risk of ra-dioactive or chemical defeat (atomic station operators, members of nuc-lear branches, operational services of the Ministry for extraordinary situations, liquidators of consequences of accidents on nuclear plants and so on).


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