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Metallization of Ceramic Articles from Beryllium Oxide


Development of Metallization Technology (nanotechnology) of Ceramic Products from Beryllium Oxide by Method of Magnetron Spraying in Vacuum with the Subsequent Photolithography of Pattern Topology

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  • MAT-CER/Ceramics/Materials

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Leading Institute
East-Kazakhstan Technical University, Kazakstan, Ust Kamenogorsk

Supporting institutes

  • Kazakh National University / Research Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Kazakstan, Almaty\nCompany limited liability Altrade, Kazakstan, Ust Kamenogorsk


  • Cranfield University, UK, Swindon\nUniversity of Notre Dame / Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, USA, IN, Notre Dame

Project summary

Vacuum-tight metallized articles from beryllium oxide are the products of nanotechnology. Due to a set of valued properties and, first of all, high capacity, heat resistance, small dielectric loss in microwave range these find application in radio electronics, communications, electrical, energy and other industries.

Properties of metallized articles from beryllium oxide depend on properties of ceramic material, properties and quality of metallized coating including properties of boundary layers metal-ceramics, metal-metal.. Improved properties of ceramic material from beryllium oxide were obtained during joint work of EKSTU and ISTC “Development of Technology for Production of Ceramic Articles from Beryllium Oxide Using Method of Moulding with Ultrasound”, Project K-505, duration 2003 -2006. Therefore, suggested study should be considered as continuation of research in the framework of K-505 ISTC Project.

The aim of the work is to study mechanisms of structure formation of various metallized coatings on ceramics from beryllium oxide by evaporation, ionization and condensation of metals in vacuum according to magnetron scheme as well as additional application of charged particles of high energies and on the basis of obtained results develop technology process, equipment specifications, providing decrease of rejects and manufacturing metallized ceramic articles of a high quality, competitive in a world market.

As a result, effective engineering solutions will be received, and optimal technology with the using of modern equipment will be developed.

Developed process technology, tools, equipment and devices for manufacturing ceramic articles with thin-film metallization will allow decreasing technology rejects on separate redistributions and increasing output of suitable articles from 30-40% up to 60-70%, increasing adhesion strength metal coating with ceramic base from 4 kg/output up to 6-8 kg/output, decreasing thickness of metal coating from 15mc to 5-8 mc.

This will allow cut down first price of metallized articles (near of 50 names) and raise competitive ability on world market. Intellectual property will be preserved by submitting patent applications and concluding license agreement.

The East-Kazakhstan State Technical University named after D. Serikbayeva has 20-years experience of works with both ceramic materials of construction and thin technical ceramics of special purpose. It is experienced in obtaining of metallized coatings by methods of filler and vacuum condensation, ray-path methods of processing of work surfaces of machine elements. For a long time the University cooperates with "Altreid" Co. Ltd (former “Ceramics” Plant under the Ministry of Electronic Industry) and JSC “Ulbinsky Metallurgy Plant”.

"Altrade" LLC at present is the only enterprise in NIS, specializing on production of metallized articles from beryllium oxide for electronic plants. It has industrial laboratories and production sites of total cycle of complex ceramic articles manufacturing, their metallization by methods of stenciling, filler, vacuum deposition and obtaining of any pattern by photolithography method. Work experience of main executors from 10 to 30 years.

RIMM at KazNU has long experience in calculation-theoretical study of problems of thermal physics, mechanics of fluid, gas and plasma with consideration of physico-chemical conversions. Personnel of RIMM at KazNU took part in ISTC Projects К-35, К-505, carried out calculation-theoretical studies of complex gas-dynamic and hydrodynamic processes, complicated with multistage chain chemical reactions, as well as of crystallization and melting. Work experience of main executors from 10 to 30 years.

In the framework of the Project it is planned to receive the following:

  • required methods, tools, facilities, devices, equipment for studies with magnetron spraying in vacuum and implantation;
  • results of calculation and experimental studies on coating of one-layer and multiple coatings from various metals (titanium niobium, molybdenum);
  • results of calculation and experimental studies on obtaining of complex patterns on metal coating using method of photolithography;
  • technology for practical realization of high-quality technology processes of vacuum deposition of metallized coatings and photolithographic development of pattern topology, for design factor of equipment, tools and facilities.

Developed metallization technology will be suitable not only for substrate from ВеО, but also for substrates from any thin ceramics (oxides, nitrides, borides…).

Volume of work consists of six parts, which cover all stages of technological process:

  • In the first part required experimental equipment will be made.
  • In the second part experiments will be carried out on preparation of ceramic surface for spraying.
  • In the third part calculation-theoretical researches will be carried out to study ion-plasmous method of evaporation, diffusion of metal vapors, kinetics of vapor interaction of metals Mo, Ti, Nb and their combinations with substrate of ceramics of beryllium oxide in vacuum. Generalized mathematical model of magnetron spraying of metal vapors on substrate of ceramics of beryllium oxide in vacuum will be designed for determination of optimal conditions of technology process.
  • In the fourth part characteristics of various metallized coatings of Мо, Ti-Mo, Nb –Mo, Mo – Ni, Ti –Mo-Ni, Nb –Mo –Ni will be studied, obtained using methods of metallization in vacuum on magnetron scheme and scheme of implantation of high energies particles; they will be correlated with calculation data.
  • In the fifth part experiments will be carried out on obtaining of required patterns on metal coating by photolithography and calculations on optimal disposition of patterns.
  • In the sixth part complex technology will be developed on manufacturing of ceramic articles on the basis of beryllium oxide with production and testing of prefix production set.

All parts are interdependent and aimed at obtaining of reliable and stable characteristics of articles with new technology.

Collaborator of the given project will be Dr. M.R. Edwards, Cranfield University, GB.

Dr. M.R. Edwards: Scientific-technical consultations in experimental research and industrial tests, as well as in the characterization of the beryllium produced.

We'll discuss with collaborator M. Edwards the results of calculations and experiments under the Project. The collaborators will give us methodical recommendations on the results analysis, as well as on using the technology of metal-ceramic materials production.

Planning frames of collaboration:

  • information exchange during Project implementation;
  • submitting comments to technical reports (annual, final);
  • assistance Project participants in participation at international conferences and symposiums;
  • holding joint work seminars.

Research studies on collaborators’ devices are not planned.


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