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Deep geological-geophysical structure of the Caucasus


Geological structure and geodynamics of the Earth’s crust of the Caucasus in the aspect of concept of evolution of Alpine-Himalayan tectonic belt according to geological-geophysical data

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  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences

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Tbilisi State University, Georgia, Tbilisi


  • University of Aberdeen, UK, Aberdeen

Project summary

The Project aim. 1:1500 000 scale 2/3D deep geological structure of the Earth’s crust of the Caucasus in the aspect of concept of evolution of the Mediterranean tectonic belt-Thetis. 1:500 000 scale 2/3D modelling of the Earth’s crust of Georgia, identification of the processes running there, evaluation of perspectives of the oil-gas and metallic deposits.
Current status. The problems (widely and fundamentally) considered by the project are not yet solved at present-day scientific level. There are not maps of the noted scales, because from the point of deep structure an integral interpretation of a set of geophysical methods (gravimetric, magnetometric fields, deep seismic sounding, refracted waves and earthquake’s) still has not taken place. Interpretation of geophysical fields over the area of distribution of mineral deposits and in depth in order to determine marks and criteria for their search has also not been performed. The maximal consideration of all these questions is provided by the project.
The project’ influence on progress in this area. The influence will be important from the point of the results. In the first place, an integral interpretation of geophysical fields will be performed for the first time in the Caucasus – Georgia, which requires development of additional methods of interpretation. In the process of execution of the project positive and negative aspects of geophysical materials will certainly manifest themselves. Analysis of the efficiency of the software in presenting deep geological-geophysical structure at the level that will satisfy the present requirements will be made. Proposals for further continuation and improvement of deep geophysical research will be prepared.
The participants’ expertise. Most of the participants have PhD in physics and mathematics or similar sciences. Others are professional geophysicists or geologists who have 20-30 yy working experience in their specialty. The relatively younger ones have at least 15 y. working experience. All the participants master 2-3 methods of field or cameral geophysical works. They have publications: articles and monographs, inpidual and collective.
Expected results and their application. Maps of geological-geophysical content (solid crust-“granite”, “basalt” and mokho) of deep structure of the Caucasus region of 1:1500 000 scale. Maps of the same content of 1:500000 scale of Georgian territory. Maps of the same scale of sedimentary cover for two referent horizons, maps of paleo-tectonic and contemporary tectonic zoning, sections and block-diagrams for the whole section of the crust, maps of block-terrain structure, prognostic maps of distribution of mineral deposits in Georgian territory with evaluation of prospects.
Meeting the ISTC goals and objectives. Several persons among the executive stuff have experience in working on recording seismic data at atomic explosion protection from radioactive materials and they are ready to give information of this kind to the interested organizations. While the project has exclusively peaceful direction it thoroughly satisfies ISTC requirements.
Scope of activities.
- Replenishment of digital geophysical data base.
- Recalculation of potential fields with the help of analytical methods into upper and lower spaces, drawing of transformant maps.
- Quantitative interpretation of potential fields of the region using Euler’s 2/3D and other methods.
- Analysis and geological explanation of the results of qualitative and quantitative interpretation of potential fields.
- Computer processing of the materials of the method of refracted waves and seismic sounding, using these data drawing velocity and geometric sections through the thickness of the Earth’s crust.
- On the ground of the noted seismometric materials drawing of seismic-tomographic sections and block-diagrams, geological interpretation.
- Seismic zoning-specification of the Caucasus on the ground of new data, long-term prediction of earthquake occurrences, their possible intensity and depth (of hypocenters).
- Analysis and evaluation of geodynamical importance of thermodynamic processes in the Earth’s crust and deformographic data of the upper Earth’s crust of the Caucasus.
- The results will be reflected on the above mentioned cartographical and graphical materials as well as on the schemes of paleotectonic and spalinspastic reconstructions.
- Detailed report-monograph will be worked out.
Role of Foreign Collaborators/Partners. The collaborator of the project is a professor of geophysics (see below), who works on problems of solution of inverse tasks of seismology and seismometric. Solution of these tasks occupies a priority place in our project. He (our collaborator) is ready in the case of realization of the project to come to Tbilisi, study the methodic and practical side of the project and assist us in its rational management.
Technical approach and methodology.
- The order of work performance is given in previous section. Processing and interpretation of potential fields, seismometric materials is provided in 2-3 different ways. The optimal variant will be chosen during the working process. In case of such need the necessary materials will be purchased or developed on place.


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