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New Type of High Power Explosive


Scientific and Technological Grounds of Development of the New Type of Commercial Explosives of Higher Power and Safety.

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  • MAT-EXP/Explosives/Materials

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Leading Institute
Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russia, Moscow reg., Chernogolovka

Supporting institutes

  • Mendeleev Chemical Technological University, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The aim of the project is elaboration of the scientific grounds of development of the new generation of commercial explosives of the higher brizance, power and safety.

During the last decade the great progress was achieved in development of the waterfilled commercial explosives of the water-in-oil type. They possess the unique characteristics of high water-resistivity, ecological safety, the very good economic features, the explosion safety at production and industrial application. However the water-in-oil explosives, particularly those manufactured in Russia, do not conform to the mining industry demands concerning the power and brizance characteristics, especially at the hard rocks blasting.

The main idea of the research work proposed consists in application of the military explosives, propellants and gunpowders extracted from the different kinds of ammunition for power and brizance of the water-in-oil compositions augmentation at preserving all the other positive characteristics of the water-in-oil explosives. It is proposed to elaborate a row of compositions containing gunpowders, explosives and propellants, or their components, particularly RDX and ADN on the wateremulsion matrix base, including the water solutions of ammonium, sodium and calcium nitrates as well as sometimes ammonium and sodium perchlorates and hydroxilammonium nitrate. Water, which possess of all of the phlegmatizers investigated and used the highest passivation activity, decreases sensitivity of the explosive to the mechanical and heat impulses, provides absence of the dust rise, and the static electricity danger.

The oxidizers enhance the oxygen balance of the composition, providing elimination of the toxic components of the explosion products, and influences positively effect on the economic characteristics of the explosive.

The final compositions have the higher level of power, preserving the physico-chemical stability, and fire and explosion safety of the emulsion explosives. They are effective, economic, and quite acceptable commercial explosives also in sense of technology and manufacturing.The theoretical models of detonation and burning of the waterfilled compositions on base of the military explosives and propellants will be developed, including the detonation and combustion waves stability, initiation and extinguishment mechanisms. The theory of the hot spots due to viscoplastic flow of the compressed media initiation will be also developed.

The thermodynamic ideality deflection of the emulsion explosives sensitized by the military energetic materials detonation will be estimated. The theory of sensitization of the compositions under investigation will be elaborated.

The fundamentals of the theory of explosion safety of the explosives of the higher energy content will be worked up. Deflagration to detonation transition peculiarities, possibilities of the dangerous low velocity detonation and high velocity burning regimes will be investigated. The mechanisms of explosion initiation at shock wave attack, or at low speed impact, blow, or friction should be cleared up.

Principles of the emulgators, solvents, stabilizers on base of organic and bioorganic chemistry approaches should be developed. Reology of the waterfilled emulsion systems comparing with the watergel explosives, including kinetics and mechanisms of the crosslinking agents effect, and the aeration process is supposed to be estimated. Dynamics of the explosives mixing at the matrix level, of dense compositions as well as in course of the aeration will be defined.

Having in mind all the results of the scientific investigations suggested, the complex of compositions and the charge constructions on base of water-in-oil matrix and the military explosives, propellants, and gunpowders extracted from ammunition will be elaborated for use in the mining industry, especially at the hard rock blasting, seismic investigations, electrohydroimpulse works etc.


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