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Computer Complex for Research Reactors


Multifunctional Computer Complex for Research Reactors

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  • FIR-MOD/Modelling/Fission Reactors

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Leading Institute
NIIAR (Atomic Reactors), Russia, Ulianovsk reg., Dimitrovgrad

Supporting institutes

  • Atomtechenergo / Novovorenezh Training Center, Russia, Voronezh reg., Novovoronezh\nAll-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation, Russia, Moscow

Project summary

The physical and thermal-hydraulic calculation for technical safety validations of existing research reactors is based on 15-20 year old approaches and according to the development of both the program products and computer capabilities it is currently insufficient and obviously requires updating.

Besides, it is extremely desirable to concentrate the settlement programs of support of the research programs and parameters of operation: fluence, burn-up, radiation damage, durability calculations, etc. in the same computer complex on the basis of the calculation programs for reactor power modes.

On the other hand, it is expedient to use computer complex and its software in a mode of Functional-Analytical Simulator (FAS).

It is assumed that the reasonable compromise between operations in mode both as FAS mode for two - four reactors and as the calculator for their greater number will be found. Particularly it will depend on the power of the computer complex.

The aims of work are:

1. Elaboration and verification of the computer programs for technological processes, oriented on the last achievements in the field of mathematical modeling and the advanced computers.
2. The software for the effective and safe modes of operation, including emergency incidents and accidents, beyond design accidents as well, to use results in technical validations of safety and for reactor operational regulations.
3. The software for reactor operation support under the research programs and operational specifications.
4. The software, training and methodical provision of the computer complex to be used as training means (FAS) for training, retraining and skill upgrading of the operational personnel of reactors and for antiaccident trainings.

The research reactor BOR-60 is chosen as a first-order object - one of the most complex objects for modeling. Along with fulfillment of the research programs on the validation of a closed uranium-plutonium cycle, dangerous radioactive waste transmutation, study of designs and materials, etc., it is a source of the heat and electric power, working in experimental NPP mode. Furthermore, the reactor BOR-60 is practically a unique one in the world of fast research reactors now, ensuring the fulfillment of researches on a fast reactor theme not only for Russia but also for other countries in Europe and all over the world.

The Project includes the following basic stages:

- the collection of the initial data on the BOR-60 and their processing up to the technical specifications for the simulator software;
- mathematical modeling of the equipment and technological processes;
- elaboration of the software and graphic interfaces;
- making of the complete set of technical means;
- elaboration of the Training and Methodical Provision (TMP);
- complex debugging and putting into operation.

Available experience of mathematical modeling elaboration of reactor installations and simulators creation for industrial NPP in Russia (ARI NPP, RIAR, NVTC and other) allows to speak about technical feasibility of the given Project for the experimental reactor BOR-60 at the first stage and other research reactors at the following stages.

Since participation of the experts in the field of research and special reactor technologies and in other spheres of defensive activity, realization of the Project will meet the purposes and ISTC problems for stimulation, support and creation of activity prospects of these experts.

Possible Participation of Foreign Partners

The foreign collaborators, in particular, JSC "Corys", JSC "Siemens" and others have large experience in realization of the similar projects relating with the simulator creation and can render the essential methodical and other help in realization of the Project.

Expected Results

1. Computer complex creation in the rearranged Research Reactors Training Center (TC) of Russia at the RIAR that allows to develop an up-to-date technical validation of the BOR-60 reactor safety (at the first stage) and other research reactors in the future, as well as research program support and reactor operation modes.
2. Mastering of elaboration technology and FAS operation by the personnel of the RIAR and TC, computer complex usage in FAS mode for operational personnel skill upgrading and antiaccident trainings.


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