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Ultrasonic Technology of Purification of Acid Mine Waters


Development of Ultrasonic Equipment and Typical Complex Technology for Deep Purification of Acid Mine Waters (AMW) in the Regions of Extraction and Reprocessing of Mineral Resources (Using Urals as Example)

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  • CHE-OTH/Other/Chemistry
  • ENV-WPC/Water Pollution and Control/Environment
  • INS-OTH/Other/Instrumentation
  • PHY-OTH/Other/Physics

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Senior Project Manager
Genisaretskaya S V

Leading Institute
VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (IONKh), Russia, Moscow\nInstitute of Solid State Chemistry, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Ekaterinburg


  • University of Ottawa, Canada, ON, Ottawa\nJohannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz / Rhine-Main Water Research gGmbH, Germany, Biebesheim am Rhein\nTours University, France, Tours\nLaurentian University, Canada, ON, Sudbury

Project summary

The goal of the Project: To develop (using Urals as example) typical technology using powerful ultra-sound impacts and pilot stand for combined purification of acid mine water in the regions of extraction and reprocessing of mineral resources.

The main types of deposits, which cause the formation of acid mine waters, are deposits of nonferrous metal ores and coal. The process of formation of AMW is typical of these deposits, and this gives the possibility to develop unified process of their purification.

AMW, being powerful factor of environment pollution, can be considered as potential source of obtaining valuable metals or their compounds. With extraction, reprocessing and conservation of spent deposits of sulfide ores, every year, Ural metallurgical enterprises loose about15 thousand tons of copper, the same figure for zinc and considerable quantity of antimony, mercury, silver, gold and other metals.

The Project proposes:

  • Using the results of the ISTC Project #1556-2, to develop corresponding ultrasonic equipment;
  • To develop advanced technological scheme of combined ultrasonic treatment (CUT) of acid mine waters up to the state corresponding to domestic-use norms, to perform its theoretical and experimental substantiation;
  • Using Urals as example, to assess efficiency of its use with regard for season oscillations of quantitative and qualitative composition of AMW.

The depth and efficiency of purification will be achieved by:
  • Ultra-sound intensification of basic processes (coagulation, flocculation, flotation, galvanic coagulation, sorption, chlorination, ozonization, ultra-violet impact);
  • Reduction of using of big volumes of expensive additions and reagents;
  • Use of cheap, effective sorption- precipitation materials of man-caused origin, obtained and patented in the frames of the ISTC Project #1872;
  • Using up-to-date membrane technologies and materials, this will permit not only to remove toxic components, but to selectively extract valuable components from AMW (copper, zinc, silver and gold).

The Project will be completed by building of a pilot stand for combined ultra-sound processing of AMW and the development of Technical proposals on designing of purification system in selected region of the Urals.


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