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Multipurpose Holographic Interferometer


Development of the Holographic Interferometer with the Expanded Field of Its Application

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  • INS-MEA/Measuring Instruments/Instrumentation

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Senior Project Manager
Horowicz L

Leading Institute
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk


  • Pennsylvania State University, USA, PA, University Park\nThe Cooke Corporation, USA, MI, Auburn Hills

Project summary

At present the methods of holographic interferometry (GI) find stil wider application due to a number of their advantages (high accuracy, contactlessness, universability, obviousness, etc.) in research laboratories and industrial enterprises. However, for many objects where great changes in the surface state or phase changes in volume take place the direct usage of GI is impossible. The loss of the wave fronts correlation which takes place in such cases jointly with the spatial unsolvability of the interference bands frequency do not make possible to obtain interferograms of such objects. Overcoming of similar situations consists in obtaining the series of interferograms, each of them containing information on the separate stage of changes taking place with an object. At the same time, a number of technical problems, especially in case of dynamic changes in objects, make the given method to be difficultly realizable in practice.

In the given Project one of the versions of such realization is proposed. For this purpose it is required:

- to develop the method, the technique and the devices for obtaining the series of superimposed holographic interferograms on one volume carrier;

- on the basis of the given method and the pulsed equipment, to develop the holographic interferometer ensuring the obtaining of the series of interferograms on the objects vibrating and being deformed in statics and dynamics;

- to develop the automatized system for the quantitative decoding of the series of interferograms;

- by the developed complex of means to provide the measurement of displacements and vibrational amplitudes up to 1 mm with accuracy no worse than one per cent from the measured values in the whole range of their changes.

The realization of the proposed work will provide conditions for solving a whole number of practical problems in different fields of science and technology. For example, investigations into the process of destruction, plasma diagnostics, visualization of fluid flows and so on, i.e. in those cases where information is required with respect to great changes in the object with the maximum attainable accuracy.

Potential role of foreign collaborators:

The given Project results are of interest for the firms being engaged in the development of the holographic equipment, for example, Rottenkolber (Germany), Karl Lambrecht, Gaertner Scientific Corporation, Coherent Radiation (USA) as well as for firms using such equipment.. The enumeration of the last ones is highly wide, therefore, it is more expedient to note the directions of the firms activity in which the given Project results can find their application:

- development and control of the quality of the complicated products operating under conditions of extremal deforming, thermal and vibrational loads;
- plasma investigations and diagnostics;
- determination of chemical substances concentration and distribution, investigations of gas flows, etc.


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