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New Piezoelectric Materials


Research and Development of New Generation of Piezoelectric Materials for Frequency Control Devices and Sensors of Various Physical Parameters

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials
  • INF-ELE/Microelectronics and Optoelectronics/Information and Communications

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Leading Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Crystallography, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • St Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrument Engineering, Russia, St Petersburg\nRussian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics / Fryazino Branch, Russia, Moscow reg., Fryazino


  • Piezo Technology Inc., USA, FL, Orlando\nU.S. Army Communication-Electronics Command, USA, Ft. Monmouth

Project summary

Frequency selection devices and signal processors based on piezocrystals are at present time one of the most important components of electronic technics. They play a significant part in navigation and communication technics. Besides, every computer, electronic clocks, TV set or mobile phone use resonator or filter based on piezocrystals.

Continuously rising requirements on the electronic equipment, especially in connection with progress of mobile communication systems and universal using of electronic gauges of various physical parameters, determine increase of requirements on piezoelectric materials.

Successful development of new piezoelectric materials will let significantly improve modern connection systems based on multiple frequency selection components. Development of new materials capable of working in more wide environment conditions range will make possible considerably extend effective control of different processes in household appliances, cars and in industry technological apparatus as well. The latter application will enable creating more environment-oriented technologies owing to extended abilities of remote control of technological processes.

The Institute of Crystallography of Russian Academy of Sciences, leading institution of this project, possesses a patent on new family of piezoelectric materials - "langasite family", which currently has gained wide international acceptance because of best combination of thermostability and piezoproperties, high acoustic Q-factor, ability to work in wide temperature range.

Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS has developed the scientific fundamentals and has gained practical results on reducing of acoustical losses in gigahertz frequency diapason and new important results on SAW devices and sensors.

Saint-Petersburg State University of aerospace instrumentation has developed measurement technique of nonlinear acoustic and piezoelectric properties of materials, and besides has designed a number of very effective acoustoelectronic devices based on piezoelectric materials.

Among expected results it is necessary to remark following:

1. Synthesis of new materials from langasite family, inter alia mixed compounds for reducing acoustic and dielectric losses, will be carried out.

2. Impact of various dopants on attenuation, dielectric losses and nonlinear properties will be investigated.

3. A combined research of elastic, piezoelectric, dielectric properties of obtained materials within wide range of ambient conditions will be conducted.

4. Technology of high quality single crystal growth with optimal composition will be developed.

5. Peculiarities of surface and bulk acoustic waves propagation will be studied in order to find optimal cuts.

6. Development types of resonators, filters and sensors will be produced.

Possibility of essential enhancement of parameters of frequency selection devices and sensors permits to hope that project developments will have commercial value.

Either every part of the project or the project as a whole, is certain to meet ISTC goals and objectives, including possibility for scientists and engineers participating in it and having knowledge and skills in the field of weapon production, to reorient completely to civil activity. Technical approach and methodology in this project are based on applying crystal growth, crystallography and acoustoelectronics methods, in their either theoretical or applied contents.


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