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Neoplasia Inhibition by Nanosecond Electric Discharges


Research into Applicability of High-Energy Factors of Nanosecond Corona and High-Current Electric Discharges for Cancerous Growth Inhibition

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  • MED-OTH/Other/Medicine
  • CHE-OTH/Other/Chemistry
  • PHY-PLS/Plasma Physics/Physics

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Leading Institute
VNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov

Supporting institutes

  • Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod\nMoscow State University / Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russia, Moscow


  • Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, Eindhoven\nInstitut fuer Umwelttechnologien GmbH (I.U.T), Germany, Berlin

Project summary

A research into applicability of high-energy factors of nanosecond corona and high-current electric discharges (NHED) for cancerous growth (neoplasia) inhibition is vital when seeking for the highly effective and non-toxic methods of non-surgical cancer treatment. There are a number of methods to affect neoplasia (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy, etc.) and many of them are partially effective because of their high toxicity for the organism as a whole and of a big risk of metastasis.

The high-energy factors on the basis of NHED, which are successfully used in the recent technologies, demonstrate unique physical and chemical characteristics. Theoretical concepts provide grounds to believe that it is also possible to apply the high-energy physical-chemical factors of NHED for neoplasia inhibition. That’s why a study of the NHED factors effect on neoplasia and on the organism systems as a whole is of scientific and practical interest. The results of the study on biological effects of NHED factors action will provide great scientific novelty.

The tumor growth process is accompanied by significant changes of all kinds of metabolism, by interference into oxidation free-radical (FR) processes, by imbalance in inhibitors-antioxidants. The imbalance of FR processes intensity and antioxidant system functional activity is accompanied by pathogenesis, its dynamics reflects the dynamics of pathogenesis. In accordance with the oxyperoxide concept of oncogenesis, a drop of the tumor tissue resistance is caused by an increase of strong oxidants concentration in it.

A big amount of electrons with a comparatively high energy are accumulated in the inter-electrode space for the time of high pulsed voltage generation and in the high-current discharges of nanosecond duration due to a high intensity of the electric field. The electrons, in their turn, are the main participants of the plasma chemical reactions.

The interaction of these electrons with the molecules of gas and substrates leads to a formation of the chemically active particles such as О., О3, ОН., Н2О2, etc., which are the active forms of oxygen. The active oxygen forms appear the first in the chain of reaction of cell metabolism and take part in the FR processes of an organism and of a cell. It is planned to uncover the effects of these factors on tumor.

The devices have been developed at RFNC-VNIIEF to produce pulsed corona and high-current electric discharges of nanosecond duration. These devices are environmentally safe as they don’t release either toxic products or radioactive particles into environment during the operation.

The objective of the proposed project is to develop the scientific principles of new high-energy factors formation on the basis of nanosecond corona and high-current electric discharges, to study their characteristics and to estimate their applicability for neoplasia inhibition.

To achieve this goal it is necessary:

· To clarify the mechanisms of electromagnetic energy conversion in corona and high-current electric discharges of nanosecond duration into the energy of chemically active particles and physical fields;

· To determine the interaction of the factors generated in NHED with biological objects at the cell and organism levels;

· To make assessment on the effects of the high-energy factors on metabolism and FR reactions.

The objective can be achieved if during the physical-chemical and medical-biological research the effects destabilizing the tumor are revealed, the required action parameters are specified, if the target organs, basic metabolic changes and processes going on in the tumor-bearing organism are determined.

Realization of this project is impossible without participation of the experts in electrical and nuclear physics who have a wealth of experience in a development of generation apparatus and methods to diagnose the parameters of the strong effect factors associated with a development of mass destruction weapon; the project will contribute to switching those experts over to peaceful activities.

During this project it is anticipated to fulfil the following activities:

1. To develop highly effective methods and schemes of NHED formation.

2. To develop and introduce the methods for diagnosing NHED parameters and caused by them physical-chemical factors affecting gaseous and liquid media, biological objects.

3. To study the effect of the physical-chemical factors involved in NHED on the biochemical processes.

4. To obtain scientific data for developing a fundamentally new method of effect on the free-radical balance in the organism tissues for the therapeutic purposes.

5. To study the effect of the high-intensity NHED factors on neoplasia, to assess their contribution to the processes of damage both of the tumor cells and of the organism as a whole.

6. To specify the indications for the high-energy pulse factors’ application in medicine, to investigate the application limitations, the complications and the distant results.

The importance of the proposed project is determined by the following:

- Highly effective methods and schemes of pulsed NHED formation will be developed and tested;

- New scientific data on the biological effects of NHED at the molecule, cell, tissue and organism levels will be obtained;

- The data describing the effect on the free-radical balance in the organism tissues will be obtained in order to develop a fundamentally new therapeutic method;

- The scientific data on biological effects of NHED factors on tumor growth will be obtained, the efficiency of neoplasia inhibition will be estimated;

- A conclusion on a feasibility will be made and the methodical approach will be determined for a development of a non-surgical method of treatment by the effect of high-intensity physical-chemical factors involved into short-pulse electric discharges;

- The mockups of devices and apparatus will be created for testing under the clinical-experimental conditions.

It is anticipated that this work will be completed by a group of 36 people in a period of 2 years.


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