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Isotopically Pure Semiconducting Materials


Development of Production Methods and Research into Properties of Isotopically Pure Semiconducting Materials for Use in Modern Technologies

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Nietzold D

Leading Institute
Science & Engineering Center „Centrotech“ (CEBM), Russia, St Petersburg

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Chemistry of High Purity Substances, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., N. Novgorod\nKhlopin Radium Institute, Russia, St Petersburg\nNuclear Physics Institute, Russia, Leningrad reg., Gatchina\nRussian Academy of Sciences / Physical Technical Institute, Russia, St Petersburg


  • VITCON Projectconsult GmbH, Germany, Jena

Project summary

The main purpose of the work is to expand the use of semiconducting material stable isotopes which can be produced on industrial base using centrifugal separation through carrying out comprehensive studies of semiconducting materials properties and developing experimental and industrial technologies for their production.

The main commercial result of this project is the technology of manufacturing new efficiency raw materials for semiconducting industry.

When carrying out work according to the project proposed some specific tasks are supposed to be solved. They are as follows:

- industrial technique for production of all silicon isotopes of guaranteed quality will be developed and lots of silicon isotopes in different concentrations will be produced to carry out investigations;
- developing a production process of uniformly doped silicon with high doping degree due to neutron transmutation of 30Si isotope (high doping level is unachievable by neutron transmutation when using normal mixture of silicon isotopes);
- development of procedure for protecting objects against falsification using marks of isotopically pure substances;
- production of silicon semiconductor detectors with various content of the isotopes 29Si for operating at PINPh low background unit designed for searching "dark matter";
- development of modern methods to massively reduce the cost of separating silikon isotopes, based upon experimental base upon existing estimates and experimental results. It is intended that these studies will confirm the ability to produce isotopically pure silicon on a large scale and highly cost-competitive basis.

In the course of achieving the above goals, Project Neya will also focus basic research into previously observed but not here-to-fore not theoretically justified isotopic phenomena, including:

- the unusual increase of heat conductivity of isotopically pure silicon as compared to silicon of natural abundance, a factor of enormous significance to the semiconductor manufacturing industry;
- the significant increase of the resistance to the irradiation for the isotopic pure crystals (it was proved in isotopically pure diamond to the ultraviolet excimer laser irradiation).

The foundation for Project is the highly-developed isotope separation technology and equipment presently available at “Centrotech”. Inpidual goals defining the overall project will be addressed and solved by various research teams (CENTROTECH, PhTI, RI, VNIIChT and PINPh), currently focused on the various segments of the Project.

We believe that our potencial collaborators may have commercial interest in the scientific results of Project Neya, to include include samples isotopically enriched, pure silicon isotopes in polycristal and monocristal forms, as well as wafer forms for research goals. Also we hope that our collaborators can to take part in the marketing for the using these materials in semiconducting industry.


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