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High-Strength and Creep-Resisting Composites


Development and Investigation of the High-Strength and Creep-Resisting Composites on the Aluminium Base

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  • MAT-COM/Composites/Materials
  • MAT-ALL/High Performance Metals and Alloys/Materials

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Senior Project Manager
Karabashev S G

Leading Institute
MISIS (Steel and Alloys), Russia, Moscow


  • National Research Institute for Metals, Japan

Project summary

The aim of the Project is to develop a scientific base, to find the optimum composition and processing conditions and to master on the semi-industrial scale natural composites, i.e., aluminum-based multiphase eutectic alloys with improved strength at room and elevated temperatures for the use in various branches of technology.

It is well-known that the fineness of eutectic colonies increases with the number of phases involved in the formation of the eutectic. However, this effect is poorly studied and is not used in practice. With the possibility to receive upon solidification a fine structure consisting of three or more phases, it becomes possible to perform fragmentation and spheroidization of these crystals during high temperature annealing and, therefore, produce a structure containing 20—30 vol. % of fine particles-hardeners, typical of composite materials. Preliminary studies showed that this approach does not require new expensive technologies including rapid solidification, mixing of particles-hardeners into the melt or mechanical alloying. The application of considerably cheap and highly producible conventional technologies is sufficient.

Expected Results:

The main result of the Project will be the compositions and industrially tested technologies of new high-strength and high-temperature foundry and wrought aluminum alloys.

The fulfillment of the Project will allow:

1. The development of the efficient methodology for the development of new multicomponent materials permitting the receipt and analysis of numerous scientific results during shorter period of time and less financing.

2. The development of the analytic technique for the choice of promising Al-based multicomponent systems and multiphase eutectics.

3. The construction of necessary elements of multicomponent equilibrium and nonequilibrium phase diagrams of the most promising systems.

4. The development of the basics for the formation of structure in multiphase eutectics upon solidification and during subsequent heat treatment and plastic deformation.

5. The development of the correlation between structure parameters and strength at room and elevated temperatures.

6. The development of compositions and technology of new high-strength and high-temperature aluminum alloys and the semi-industrial mastering of these alloys in the Ilyushin Aircraft Concern.

Potencial Role of Foreign Collaborators:

The work at the Project will result in the establishment of scientific and industrial contacts and links and the development of cooperation between the organizations-participants including foreign collaborator and will facilitate the adaptation of achievements received by defense and military scientists and engineers to the world science. The specialists of CRV Pechiney will expertise the results obtained in this Project.


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