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Informational Technologies for Export Control System


Telecommunication Informational and Analytical System for Technical Support of Export Control for MINATOM of Russia

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  • INF-COM/High Performance Computing and Networking/Information and Communications
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Leading Institute
NIIIT (Pulse Techniques), Russia, Moscow

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  • FEI (IPPE), Russia, Kaluga reg., Obninsk\nVNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Project summary

The project deals with applied scientific-research engineerings on application of latest informational technologies in export-import practice.

Nowdays the process of creation of export control national system is almost completed – the necessary federal bodies are generated and legislative and normative acts, taking into account demands of export control multipartite modes, the member of which is Russia.

The introduction of the export control system in Russia is one of the measures aimed at counteracting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It realizes the Russian legislation and international agreements in this area. The necessity for this system to be introduced is additionally caused by formation of the market economy in Russia, conversion of the defensive industry, and entrance of the large number of subjects with various patterns of ownership to the external market.

Being an agreeing federal body for performing operations on nuclear export and one of the largest manufacturers of export products falling under the check lists, the Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation develops now the multilevel EC system. In the industry, the branch expertmethodological laboratories have been set up. They are intended to provide technical support to the Minatom’s export activity: development of methodical materials on the EC, organization of training and improvement in professional skill for the experts of the branch in the field of EC, and technical expertise of the export applications. These laboratories have been set up at the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (Obninsk) and the Russian Federation Nuclear Center All-Russia Research Institute of Technical Physics (RFNC-VNIITF; Snezhinsk).

Effective functioning of the EC system in the sphere of nuclear technologies requires existence of integrated specialized computerized system of communication and supply of information, administration and supervision over preparation and acceptance of the decisions on export operations.

The purpose of the project is creation of the branch informational and analytical system of export control maintenance (TIASEC), focused at operative technical support (including telecommunication support, training, etc.)of the activities of the Minatom’s central staff and its enterprises, first of all in ISTC projects.

For achievement of this purpose, it is necessary to solve the following basic tasks:

· to determine basic TIASEC qualities with reference to the Minatom’s concept toward export controls, the policy and rules regulating the procedure of export registration and implementation of EC procedures;

· to investigate the possibilities of applying the TIASEC for developing and implementing the integrated program for regulation of critical exports and export control in the branch;

· using the telecommunication means, to create a pilot system of operative communication, management and information interchange for all levels of the Minatom’s export control;

· to create information environment, including databases with problem-oriented sections;

· to develop methodological, didactic, organizational and methodical basis for preparation of the expert staff on legal, juridical, and technological aspects of activity in the field of the export control, as well as on the technical aspect of the analysis of export procedures;

· to develop software programs of training and raising the level of the experts’ skill in the export control;

· to study opportunities and to realize the TIASEC binding to the tasks of the internal control programs, to develop the appropriate instructive materials, typical algorithm for instituting internal control program within the enterprise;

· to create a telecommunication information computer network functioning within the framework of the branch and realizing all of the requirements on the communication conditions and information interchange;

· to create methodological, organizational, and methodical basis for audit of the internal control programs of the Minatom enterprises.

These tasks should be solved by efforts of the expert-methodical laboratories for export control (the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation Institute of Physics and Power Engineering and the Russian Federation Nuclear Center VNIITF) in cooperation with the experts who are carrying out practical management of EC in the Minatom, with the integrating center of the organizational and technical support in the RIPT.

Functional tasks of the RFNC-VNIITF and the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering:

· organizational and technical support of the export control activities in the Minatom system at all levels;

· conceptual, methodological and didactical developments;

· formation of structure of information environment for the EC system, development of the structure and the sections of databases;

· development of the technology of expert estimations in the analysis of export applications and the technology for analyzing the end user and final use;

· preparation and distribution of methodical materials;

· preparation of the subjects of export activities;

· elaboration, technical support and further development of the telecommunication export control system;

· preparation and certification of expert personnel for the system of export control;

· organizational support of activity of the training-methodical center.

Functional tasks of the RIPT:

· technical support and development of the telecommunication export control system (jointly with the RFNC-VNIITF and the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering) in interaction with the experts who are carrying out practical EC management in the Minatom, including ISTC projects;

· organizational and technical support of the export control subjects in the Moscow region and some other regions.

All complex of works is based on experience, acquired in recent years by the RFNC-VNIITF and the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering in the field of the nuclear export control, and on the long-term experience in the development and servicing of telecommunication systems, data acquisition and processing, creation of databases and program packages in the RIPT, the RFNC-VNIITF, and the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering by using modern computer, network and telecommunication technologies.

The distinctive feature of the project is the direct conversion orientation from military areas towards the sphere of information technologies, which will help to establish ISTC projects activities in the sphere of nuclear technologies export.

The expected results have a commercial potential, capable of supplying a long-term economic basis for work of a number of scientists and engineers, engaged earlier in the development of arms and military engineering. Completion of the project should be associated with the readiness for commercial advisory and expert activities of the project participants, covering the whole system of export control in Russia.

Foreign partners are invited to cooperation in works on the project. The participation is not limited to a simple exchange of technical information on organization of the EC systems, but can consist in the joint or parallel conceptual and practical developments.


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