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Air Monitoring by Infrared Laser


Ecological Monitoring Using Multifrequency IR laser. Matematical Modelling and Feasibility Study.

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  • ENV-MIN/Monitoring and Instrumentation/Environment

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Senior Project Manager
Kulikov G G

Leading Institute
Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russia, Moscow reg., Chernogolovka

Supporting institutes

  • NPO Astrophysica, Russia, Moscow\nRussian Scientific Center of Applied Chemistry, Russia, St Petersburg\nVNIIEF, Russia, N. Novgorod reg., Sarov


  • Science Applications International Corporation, USA, VA, McLean\nScientific Utilization Inc., USA, AL, Huntsville\nBattelle Memorial Institute, USA, OH, Columbus\nNew Mexico State University / College of Arts and Sciences, USA, NM, Las Cruces

Project summary

The most generally used methods for environmental detecting contaminating substances including the chemical warfare agents are gas and liquid chromatography, NMR-, IR-, and mass-spectroscopies. These methods require sampling and sample preparation as a first stage and therefore they are local. Laser sounding is one of the most universal remote methods of atmosphere condition monitoring. But most of lasers used for these purposes are monofrequency though may be tuned in some spectral range. Certain unique complexes may comprise two lasers operated simultaneously (two-frequency lidar). Such systems are strongly limited in the number of simultaneously recorded substances.

The objective of this project is the elaboration of the methods of sensing ecological condition in the sites of chemical weapons destruction and near high-danger industries with the use of multifrequency infrared laser.

The project realization will be based on the methods of laser multifrequency spectroscopy of gaseous and aerosol impurities, differential absorption, aerosol backscattering, and optoacoustic spectroscopy. The pulsed powerful multifrequency fluorine-hydrogen (deuterium) laser is suggested to be used as a radiator. Emission spectrum of the laser falls into one of atmospheric transparency windows (3.4 - 4.2 mm) that makes remote analysis feasible up to a few tens kilometers.

As a result of the scientific and technical developments mobile full-scale model of the laser complex for remote and local analysis of both gaseous and aerosol impurities is expected to be designed. Ultimate information, that is the list of detected substances and their spatial distribution in atmosphere, is presumed to be obtained as a result of processing of primary information with the use of created data bank of harmful and dangerous substances.

Commercial meaning of the project consists in using its results as the basis for designing mobile laser complex of ecological monitoring which will permit to reveal the atmosphere pollution sources remotely and quickly and to take measures for removing them and for protecting people.

Research institutes, private firms and companies, and also inpidual experts from USA, European Union, Japan and Norway are invited for participation in the project as partners.

Foreign partner participation could come to:

- connecting with related investigations in other countries,
- revelation of the most appropriate sources of special materials and equipment for the project,
- establishment of long-term cooperation in scientific and technological fields on the basis of project carrying-out experience,
- ensuring the best distribution of the results of investigations and developments on international scale.


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