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Mineral Matrices for Waste Disposal


Technology of Producing the Material-like Matrices by High-Temperature Sorption and Gesostatic Pressing for Storage and Disposal of Radioactive Waste Containing Long-lived Transuranium Elements

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  • ENV-RWT/Radioactive Waste Treatment/Environment

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Leading Institute
VNIIKhT (Chemical Technology), Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Mining and Chemical Complex, Russia, Krasnoyarsk reg., Zheleznogorsk\nKhlopin Radium Institute, Russia, St Petersburg


  • Lockheed Martin Corporation / Bechtel BWXT Idaho / Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, USA, ID, Idaho Falls

Project summary

The Project proposed corresponds to the objectives of the ISTC outlined in its Statute as promoting the fundamental and applied studies as well as technological development work in the field of environmental protection, energy generation and ensuring the safety of nuclear power engineering.

The realization of this Project will make it possible to develop an efficient and safe technology and equipment for the process of immobilizing the transuranium elements (TUE) separated from solutions on an inorganic matrix using a high-temperature sorption to produce a material suitable for subsequent synthesis of mineral-like compositions by hot gasostatic pressing.

Project goals:

- substantiating the nomenclature and amounts of TUE for safe disposal into geological formations;
- carrying out a complex scientific research work for the production of mineral-like, highly durable end thermodynamically stable compositions;
- elaborating a schematic process flow and installation diagrams for the production of mineral-like compositions;
- developing the technical proposals for the creation of basic radiochemical equipment to obtain mineral-like compositions.
Project results:
- the TUE nomenclature with indication of their amounts suitable for safe disposal into geological formations;
- the technology for production of mineral-like compositions containing TUE;
- the description of physic-chemical and mechanical properties of mineral-like compositions obtained;
- the installation diagram for technological process of mineral-like compositions production;
- technical proposal on the creation of basic radiochemical equipment to obtain of mineral-like compositions.

The Project proposed presents a complex feasibility study for production of mineral-like compositions containing TUE and suitable to be disposed into geological formations.

The international cooperation in the field of high-level waste (HLW) disposal into geological formations will make the followings possible:

- to take into account the experience of studies performed by specialists of different countries;
- to carry out collective work on the production of mineral-like, highly durable end thermodynamically stable matrices;
- to obtain a comprehensive and objective assessment of the proposed technology for production of mineral-like compositions.

It should be underlined that the majority of Project participants from the Research and Production Association "V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute", St.Petersburg, Russia, Russian Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia and Mining and Chemical Enterprises, Zheleznogorsk, Russia, were for many years engaged in the development and improvement of defense technologies for separating and using the weapon plutonium. Owing to a sharp reduction of defense programs this group of scientists and specialists is faced with difficulties in a specialized employment and financing. The participation of this group of specialists in the proposed Project can solve this problem.


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