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The Oil-and-Gas Prospects of Paleozoic in Southern Tien-Shan


Stratigraphy, Lithologic-Facial and Geodynamic Situations of Forming of Paleozoic Oil-Generating Deposits in a Folded Region of the Eastern Sector of Southern Tien-Shan (Kyrgyzstan)

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  • OBS-GEO/Geology/Other Basic Sciences

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Leading Institute
State Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources of Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


  • Fukuoka University, Japan, Fukuoka

Project summary

The finding of Kyrgyz Republic of independence in 1991 highlighted maintenance of its maintenance with own energy resources. Oil and gas deposits located in the Kyrgyz part of Fergana Valley are running low. Oil production from them (about 1.5-2 mln. tons) does not satisfy needs of the country. Therefore, since the first years of independence, under the initiative of the Ex-Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan А.D.Djumagulov, attempts of estimation of oil-gas prospects in the Kyrgyz part of Tien-Shan were made. With the purpose of oil searches in 1993-1996 a parametrical Karabalta well was drilled in Chu Valley but it did not succeed and was stopped at a depth of 4200 m. Earlier similar wells drilled in Naryn and Atbashi depressions did not succeed too. The experience of this drilling forced to approach to detail geologic-search labours more cautiously and to study the geological preconditions within the surface in more detail.

The search of any kinds of minerals should begin from study of area sediments accessible from the surface. Especially it concerns to such kind of minerals as oil which is capable, by virtue of its mobility, to move within large distances.

The important scientific aspect of this project is research of Paleozoic sediments of Kyrgyzstan as a source of forming of hydrocarbons and a possible space of their localization. To the present time an overwhelming part of oil and gas deposits in Fergana Valley are related with rocks of Mesozoic-Cenozoic platform cover, therefore searches were always made only in sediments of this stratigraphic interval.

However, the resources of oil and gas are running low in these sediments. On the other hand, large deposits related with Paleozoic rocks are known all over the world (USA, Syria, People’s Republic of China etc.).

In People’s Republic of China Paleozoic oil-gas-bearing basin of Tarim Platform is well known and it adjoins to Southern Tien-Shan in the south.

Besides, during the carrying out of the project it is proposed to make detailed sedimentologic analyses of bioherm and reef constructions discovered in Upper Paleozoic sediments (Upper Carboniferous-Permian) because they are important for generation and accumulation of oil. As a rule, hydrocarbons are accumulated in top parts of domes out of decayed organic substance of the reef. Besides, the organic substance, during its decay, forms pores which are a good collector. Therefore reefs are both oil-generating formations and oil-bearing ones (J. Wilson, 1980). A huge amount of oil deposits related with reeves is known in the world (Western Canada, Australia, USA, Russia). For example, the vast oil reservoirs are located in Late Paleozoic (Carboniferous-Permian) reef complex Horemu in Western Texas (USA) and contain 2.5 mln. barrels of oil.

In the territory of mountainous Kyrgyzstan Hercynian orogenesis caused creation of complex cover-thrust structure of hercynides in Southern Tien-Shan. The erosion of the folded structure in Triassic time still more complicated possibilities of preservation of hydrocarbons traps. However, the possibilities of forming of the traps in underthrust zones appeared. Therefore carrying out of structural-tectonic investigations is important.

The basic purposes of the project are the following: creation of biostratigraphic scheme of separation of Paleozoic sediments in the eastern sector of Southern Tien-Shan, containing horizons with the increased contents of organic carbon (Соrg) within oil row; determination of perspective stratigraphic levels; reconstruction of lithologic-facial and geodynamic conditions of their forming; modern structural position of the sediments containing oil-generating horizons; preliminary evaluation of oil-gas-bearing prospects of Paleozoic sediments in folded areas of Southern Tien-Shan.

Thus successful completion of researches of this project will affect progress of scientific sights and, finally, will change a situation in methods of realization of geologic-search labours for oil and gas.

The participants of the project are competent researchers – geologists. All their activity is directed on study of various directions of the geological branch. There is a plenty amount of publications, monographies on the theme of this project and methods of realization of the labours. Besides, the authors of the project constantly communicate with the foreign researchers and they are well informed with all modern scientific achievements in the field of oil geology of folded areas.

Experience in weapon technologies.

Besides, some participants of this project are the scientists who were connected with a military industry and whose professional experience has ISTC code 4.7.

These experts were engineers in manufacture related with mining, processing and preparation of uranium – raw material for creation of the nuclear weapons.

As a result of realization of the project positive results on determination of stratigraphic levels of forming of Paleozoic oil-generating sediments in the folded areas of Southern Tien-Shan, their facial belonging, structural - tectonic characteristics of oil-generating sediments and possibility of discovery of underthrust oil and gas traps are expected.

Besides, as a result of study of reef constructions their oil prospects will be evaluated. The results of the labours will be applied at the following stage of geologic-search labours – research of a deep geologic structure using geophysical methods, and then – carrying out of drilling.

The importance of the project is obvious for realization of ISTC purposes:

1. Reorientation of abilities of the scientists connected to a military industry into peace activity.
2. Support of fundamental researches with peace purposes. An ultimate goal of the researches – maintenance of Kyrgyzstan with own power raw material.
3. Assistance of peace international scientific and public relationship.

This project is designed for three years. During its realization field and laboratory researches will be carried out. The field works are the next: making of paleontologic-stratigraphic sections, sampling for faunistic researches, fulfilment of chemical analyses and carrying out of sedimentologic and structural-tectonic investigations.

In laboratory conditions processing of field materials, determination of relative age of rocks on fauna, lithologic-facial analyses and luminescent - bituminologic analyses with determination of the content of organic carbon are expected.

At the following stage – revealing of stratigraphic and lithologic-facial units with increased contents of hydrocarbons and determination of formations composing these units and reef constructions.

The final stage is a compilation of a report about the carried out investigations with the recommendations for the further fulfilment of geologic-search woks, publication of articles.

The role of foreign collaborators will be the following: information interchange during the realization of the project, making of the scientific comments to the periodic geological reports, carrying out of joint workshops, seminars as well as joint using of text materials of the project results.

Besides within the project joint field and laboratory works are expected.


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