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Plutonium Oxide Microspheres


Development of Basic Principles of Processing of Plutonium in Fuel PuO2-x -Microspheres with Multi-layer Coating with the Purpose of a Disposition of a Weapons Plutonium with the Substantiation of Their Long-Duration and Safe Storage and/or Burn out in Nu

Tech Area / Field

  • FIR-FUE/Reactor Fuels and Fuel Engineering/Fission Reactors

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Senior Project Manager
Endrullat B

Leading Institute
Kurchatov Research Center, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Non-Organic Materials named after A. Bochvar, Russia, Moscow\nSiberian Chemical Combine, Russia, Tomsk reg., Seversk\nNPO Lutch, Russia, Moscow reg., Podolsk

Project summary

Expected outcomes

The countries, where the significant stores weapon Pu are accumulated are interested in it an erasure in a way burn-up in nuclear reactors. Therefore development of problems explained in the given Sentence is the actual task. During realization of works explained in the given Sentence the following tasks will be decided.

Deepenning number of questions, developped earlier, concerning designs of FE GT-MHR.

New question Development:

- rated - calculation substantation of a choice of basic parameters kernel (geometric sizes, structure, denseness) and coatings (thickness, denseness, structure, strength), deep burn-outs ensuring reaching (90% Pu-239) will be spent at a low exit of fissions products (< 10-5) as while in service, and consequent long storage of spent fuel without its processing.

- optimization of sizes of kernels in the interval 150 – 500 mkm from standpoints of capacity to work, ease of manufacturing and economic factors, studies of inert filler of the kernel. Analysis to designs will be legal by the issue elaborated technical requirements;

- project of the engineering requirements on CP, consisting from PuO2 kernel with multilayer (as TRISO) coating, ensuring ultra-high burn-out Pu-239 (up to ~80-90%) at use as fuel of the reactor GT-MHR after long-duration storage will be developed;

- substantation of conditions of safety of quality CP will be submitted at storage and requirements to their certification before the beginning of operation as fuel of the reactor as GT-MHR after long-duration (40-50 years) storage;

- basic principles of technological processes will be developed:

· deriving kernel of different sizes (~200 microns) from up to stehyometrical plutonium dioxide (PuO2-x);
· deposition PyC and SiC of protective coatings of a required thickness on specified kernel;

- processing of a reject, liquid, rigid, gaseous wasts, containing Pu, and recommendation for quality surveillance of production;

- problems connected to influence Am-241, contained as in an initial yield (metal and / or an oxide), and accumulated, will be considered at long storage kernel with coatings for manufacture kernels, CP, compacts, FE assembles (FEA) and operational performances of fuel;

- evaluation of a drop of risk of unauthorized use of the transformed forms of a weapons plutonium in military or terroristical purposes will be spent after its transfer to CP and compacts;

- evaluation of term of safe storage of burnt-out compacts will be spent, and also conditions of their storage are updated;

- preliminary project of the arrangement of experimental industest manufacture CP on Siberian Chemical Combine, Seversk will be developed.

Thus this Project will allow to supply alternate employment of the scientists and engineers, before arms, connected to development.


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