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Hybrid Electron-Optical Device


Research of Opportunity of Creation of Hybrid Electronoptical Chronological Device with Direct Photoelectron Registration by One-dimensional Position-Sensitive Detector

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  • INS-DET/Detection Devices/Instrumentation

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Leading Institute
Research Institute of Optical and Physical Measurements, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • VNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk

Project summary

The purpose of the project is the research of opportunity of creation of hybrid electron-optical chronological device with direct photoelectron registration by one-dimensional position-sensitive detector, which on the strength of new qualities, being consequences of merge of series of advanced technologies, can present the significant interest at execution of series of special types of measurements of characteristics of optical signals in sciences and engineering.

The assumed amount of whorls on project includes three interconnected directions of researches:

- The research and optimization of small-aperture electron-optical system (EOS) of device;
- The research of opportunity of application of one-dimensional position-sensitive detector (PSD) for directs photoelectron registration;
- Improvement of technology of formation Ag-O-Cs photoelectric cathode and research of stability its sensitivity on time.

The goal of first step is optimizing of size of EIT (We offer to decrease the size in 1.5-2 times) and focusing voltage by using special software.

The goal of the second step is researching of Si line-array (as electron-sensitive structure) placed in volume of device. The using of line-array will allow detecting separate electron, as an electron with energy 10 KeV makes 10,000 e1ectrоn-hоle couples.

In third step we are going to work through Ag-O-Cs photokathode processing with sensitivity 0.38-1.55 mcm.

The unity of the device consist of placing in one vacuumed volume a photokathode with the sensitivity up to 1.55 mcm and electron-sensitive element (silicon line-array). So we can exclude an image intensifier with micro-channel plates and thus decrease mass of the device, and increase the sensitivity of the device, so the detection of separate electrons will be able.

Institute for Optical-Physical Measurements (VNIIOFI) one of the participates having more than 30 years experience in optic-electronic devices manufacturing and "know-how" holder of special soft-ware and technology; Institute for Technical Physics (VNIITF) - the other participant, being one of the leaders institute оf military industry, having great potential in researching and manufacturing and joint-stock company "Optoelectronica" will work at this project.


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