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Germanium-Containing Coatings with Combined Biological Effect


Creating Biologically Active Coatings for Fibrous Materials of Medical Purpose Containing Germanium-Organic Compounds and Having Combined Biological Effect, Assessment of their Biological Harmlessness, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Microbic Activity and Stimulating Ef

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  • MAT-SYN/Materials Synthesis and Processing/Materials
  • MED-DRG/Drug Discovery/Medicine
  • BIO-INF/Bioinformatics/Biotechnology
  • BIO-IND/Industrial Biotechnology/Biotechnology

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Leading Institute
Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Fibre with Experimental Plant, Russia, Tver reg., Tver

Supporting institutes

  • Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Organo-Element Compounds, Russia, Moscow


  • VAREBIOTEC / Valorisation de Recherches en Biotechnologie, France, Meudon\nCNRS / Institute Gustave Roussy (IGR), France, Paris

Project summary

The goal of the Project is the development of new generation biologically active coatings for fibrous materials of medical purpose, which have combined pharmacological activity and excel by high efficiency, low toxicity, and high prophylaxis effect.

Treatment and prophylaxis of neoformations, mechanisms of anti-cancer control, regulation and stimulating proliferative tissue processes, primary and acquired resistance towards tumors are among the most complicated problems of up-to-date medical theory and practice.

Therefore, the development of new methods of complex activity and prophylaxis of cellular pathology (malignant tumors) requires untraditional approach to solving the problem.

In the given Project it is proposed to investigate biologically active (BA) coatings for fibrous material with combined therapeutic effect, to conduct synthesis and investigation of anti-cancer effect of biologically active compounds on the basis of germanium organic compounds (GOC) and OOC complexes with well-known anti-tumor, anti-microbic preparations, to produce fibrous materials and fibers with BA coatings in particular, to investigate their anti-tumor, anti-microbic activity, stimulating effect on proliferative-repair tissue function and epithelization, to assess their influence on morphological and biochemical properties of granulation-fibrous tissue.

Specialists from SRC RF GNIICHTEOS found out that germatranes form complexes with various chemical compounds and medical preparations in particular. To assess the nature of germatrane’s molecule interaction with other molecules, computer calculations of these molecules and their complexes have been conducted by means of using semi-empiric method АМ1. The firmness of the complex has been assessed by the amount of energy necessary for its decomposition. For the first time in the world specialists from the SRC RF GNIICHTEOS developed a theory of formation of complexes of germatranes and their analogues with various biologically active compounds. Binding energy in these complexes is 15-40 kilocalories/mole, what is likely to facilitate bio-transformation of biologically active molecules in conditions of a living organism and leads to normalization of fermentative processes, as well as increases bio-availability of these molecules.

Obtained by us preliminary data concerning the study of specific activity of GOC complexes with the well- known anti-cancer preparations showed considerable increase of anti-tumor effect of these preparations.

It is proposed to develop the method of introduction into fibrous material of medical purpose coatings with biologically active compounds (BAC) on the basis of GOC and the well-known pharmacological preparations taking into account creating the BA material desorbing medicines in the course of a long time (time of wound healing) locally. It is proposed to study the character of interaction of BAC and medicinal substances’ matrix-carrier (fibre with coating) and to assess therapeutic effect of fibrous material in vitro and in vivo.

In creating BA fibrous materials (fibres) with combined activity it is proposed to use as BAC the developed and investigated under this Project at the SRC RF GNIICHTEOS derivatives of germatrane: 1-hydroxygermatrane, 1-hydroxygermatrane phosphate and their complexes with the well-known anti-tumor (gexamethylmycine, phtoruracilum and other) and anti-microbic (doxycyclini hydrochloridi, sangviritrinum etc.) preparations.

At implementation of works on the Project it is supported to conduct the following basic investigations:

– synthesis of germanium organic compounds and producing complexes with the well-known medicines;

– studying the GOC complexes’ structure by physical-chemical methods and by computer modelling;
– development of methods of BAC introduction into fibre’s coating and production of BA fibres with combined therapeutic activity - anti-tumor, anti-microbic and stimulating effect on proliferative-repair tissue’s function and epithelization;
– investigation of character of BAC interaction with matrix-carrier, investigation of BAC desorption in test- systems;
– computer calculation of BAC desorption model in vitro;
– investigation of phosphoinositids level in animals in vitro by methods of liquid thin-layer chromatography;
– toxicological and sanitary-chemical investigations in animals in vitro and in vivo;
– pathomorphological investigations of fibre’s implantation zones containing BAC in various time after animals’ operation in vivo;
– preliminary pre-clinical assessment of one or two kinds of BA fibres with the most combined activity.

The researchers involved in the proposed Project are scientists and specialists from the FSUE «VNIISV» (Tver) and SRC RF GNIICHTEOS (Moscow).

FSUE «VNIISV» is the leading institute of the Russian Federation in the area of synthetic polymers, fibres, polymer products. The Institute conducts scientific-technical developments for home and foreign producers and consumers of synthetic fibres, produces test batches of science-capacious production. FSUE «VNIISV» carries out pre-clinical (toxicological, sanitary-chemical, pathomorphological) investigations of medical products made from synthetic fibres. Investigations are being conducted in accordance with methodical directives of the Committee for new medical equipment of the Ministry of Health of the RF and State sanitary-epidemiological service of the RF. There is a state accreditation for the mentioned activities (№ GCEN.RU.ZOA.253 of December 03, 1999). FSUE «VNIISV» is one of the main producers of various suture materials, including anti-microbic, in Russia and CIS. The Institute implements a lot of works in the area of creating new fibres and other fibrous materials of medical purpose.

SRC RF GNIICHTEOS is the leading institute of the Russian Federation in the area of synthesis and study of elementorganic compounds. The Institute specializes in development of ecologically clean, high efficient technologies and creation of elementorganic and non-organic materials of present day and future. The Institute works a lot in the area of creating novel medicinal preparations on the basis of germanium organic compounds.

Implementation of the given Project will considerably contribute to solving the ISTC tasks directed to re-orientation of scientists and engineers engaged earlier in sphere of defense activities, to solving the tasks of health protection. Re-orientation of scientific interests and use of scientific and creative potential of Russian scientists in the interests of international scientific society will contribute to solution of national and international problems related to treatment of cancer diseases.

Foreign collaborators can participate in the Project. They can take part in discussion of Project plan and ways for its realization, information exchange during Project implementation, and joint symposia and workshops.


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