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Biointensive Irrigating Farming


Development and Research in Ecologically Safe Systems of Biointensive Irrigated Farming and Increase of Soil Fertility in Central Asia

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  • AGR-OTH/Other/Agriculture

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Leading Institute
Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University / Center of Applied Research, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Supporting institutes

  • The Republican Government Enterprise on the basic of economic control rights “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” , Kazakstan, Gvardeiski


  • Winrock International / Winrock International Institute for Sustainable Development, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Project summary

Project Purpose – is development and research of system of biointensive irrigation farming for small farms, that allow to restore and increase soil fertility for activation of natural physical, chemical, biological processes in the ground, application of advanced agrotechnical and irrigation methods, this minimize application of mineral fertilizers, expenditure of labor for soil cultivation, struggle with weed and expense of water on irrigation.

This project is urgent: Kyrgyz Republic belongs to the region where devastation increases. This processes connects with global rise in temperature of the climate on the Earth, reducing of supply of glaciers water in the mountains, feeding rivers of Central Asia and Aral sea, and application of traditional techniques irrigation farming. That are not perfect the deficit of material and technical means, fuel, mineral fertilizers and herbicides on the farm increased these problem. By these reasons more then 60% of irrigated land of Central Asia has become salted and removed has agricultural use presently. The important part of the problems solving is development and introduction of system of biointensive irrigation farming for small farms. These system use natural processes of increasing of soil fertility and allow to make farming based on the manual labor or small machinery with minimum using of water resource, mineral fertilizers and herbicides.

The following are the results of project realization:

• Creation of advanced systems of biointensive irrigation farming, that increase returns of growing (cultivation) crops 6-8 times more, reduce the expense of water on growing per unit of production till 30 times, restore and raise fertility of irrigated land, provide employment, living wage and supply population with ecological safe product, improve ecological, economical and social situation in the region;

• Research mechanical, chemical and biological processes in the ground, that take when biointensive farming system are used;

• Determine much optimal water-air, gas and warm regimes of the ground (when biointensive techniques of irrigation farming are used), that promote to favorable for fertility increasing chemical, biological, processes, structural changes in the ground and economy of the expense of water on irrigation;

Develop mathematical models for movement of moisture (water) and air and development of microflora in the ground for calculating of parameters of the biointensive irrigation technology;

• Estimate potential increasing of crops returns, soil fertility and reducing of the expense of water on irrigation and evaporation;

• Minimize application of mineral fertilizers;

• Get rid of the need for herbicides;

• Organize farming based on the manual labor and small machinery;

• Create training model of a farm to train the farmers in the biointensive techniques;

• Develop recommendation on application of the biointensive irrigation farming system;

• Hold training for the farmer on advanced system and irrigation farming methods.


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