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Plants for Drinking Water Preparation


Working out of the Technology and Design Documentation for a Container Plant for Providing Drinking Water According to the Demands of World Health Organization, Experimental Work and Preparing for the Serial Production

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  • ENV-EHS/Environmental Health and Safety/Environment

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Leading Institute
Moscow State University of Construction, Russia, Moscow

Supporting institutes

  • Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Health, Russia, Moscow\nPublic Organization of the Ural Branch of the International Academy of Ecology, Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Lesnoy\nVNIITF, Russia, Chelyabinsk reg., Snezhinsk\nState Unitary Enterprise SKTB "Elektrokhimii", Russia, Moscow\nNizneturinski Macine-Building Plant "Venta", Russia, Sverdlovsk reg., Nizhnya Tura


  • European Academy of Natural Sciences, Germany, Hannover\nOriginal Grander Technologie Wasserbelebung, Austria, Saalfelden

Project summary

Condition of the problem and substantiation of the offered technical decisions

Inadequate quality of the drinking water, given to the population is bound up with quite an inadequate role of the barriers of the existing purify constructions on the one hand and inadequate quality of water pipes on the other hand. Especially as in such piping the secondary pollution of water takes place and this water is used for economic and drinking needs. Besides in 100 percent of water – supply systems the recommendations of the World organization of Public health services for using biocomponents (calcium, iodine, fluorine) are broken.

The offered technical decisions are guided by new methods of providing the population with drinking water.

They are as follows:

In order to solve the problem in a year and provide the population with qualitative water the drinking water will be prepared in the places where it issued, that is in dwelling houses, hospitals, schools, different kinds of institutions and so on.

For drinking needs of the population from the central water-supply system only 5-10 litres for man during 24 houses will be taken, and only this quantity of water will be prepared to the condition appropriate to the specification of the World organization of Public health services and demands of San NR to the drinking water which is qualitative in physiological aspect.

For this purpose autonomous water-supply systems will be installed in dwelling houses and in other places where drinking water is used.

Together with cold and hot water taps the third tap (the tap with qualitative drinking water) will appear.

For more effective decision of this problem it is offered to create the system of installations for the preparation of drinking water (UPPV).

In the working out which is planned the technologies of the XXI century will be used, such as ozone-sorption and diaphragm filtration.

The purpose of the project.

Scientific research for working out of the installations for the preparation and purification of drinking water which will be qualitative in physiological aspect. This drinking water will contain calcium, fluorine, iodine and it will be appropriate the specifications of the World Organization of Public Health services.

As a result of realizing this project an effective economic system of water supply of the population will appear. This drinking water will be ecologically clean, technically and hygienically reliable.

The competence of the participants of the project:

The chief of the project Badyin P.P. - academician of IAENM – Laboratory branch chief MSBU, general director of PCLRC “Ekoprokom”, having sufficient experience of organizing, technical and scientific work in the field of development of the Programs concerning the supply of Russian cities by drinking water.

The scientific chief of the project is Frogg N.P., academician of IAENM with the 60-year's experience in field of designing and construction of water supply system in Russia.

Rachmanin Yu.А. – doctor of medical science (d.m.s.), academician RAMS, RAES, RAWS, ISA, MAI - director of Scientific Research Institute of Ecology of a Man and Hygiene of the Environment (SRIEEH) named after Sysin А.N. RAMS.

All of them have huge experience of work in the field of drinking water supply.

Petrov Е.N., d.m.s., professor, academician MANEB - one of the chiefs of VNIITF, has wide experience of organizational, technical and scientific work in the field of development of complex defensive and conversion engineering.

Frenkel V.I. - chief of one of the defensive enterprises possessing experience of manufacturing of similar installations.

Nastin S.V. - chief of one of defensive factories of the ministry of atomic energy having sufficient experience in organization of manufacture of complex machine-building engineering and the equipment of dairy industry.

Chernyaev А.М. - d.t.s., academician IAENM, RAES, scientific manager of the Russian research institute of complex usage and protection of water resources, president of UBIAENM, having vast experience of scientific work in the field of water facilities in Russia.

The experts, organizers of manufacture of the Ministry of atomic energy, defensive enterprises and institutes participate in development of the given project. It answers to the purposes of ISTC. Scope of the works under the given project includes generalization of the information of international experience on development and usage of systems local final clearing of water-tube water, elaboration of documentation, manufacturing of a trial sample and realization of skilled - research works, certification of installations, preparation for serial manufacture of the stations, installations of preparation of drinking water.

The technical approaches mean realization of deep researches of water in specific regions of Russia (in Lesnoy, N-Tura, Pervouralsk in Sverdlovsk Region; in Snezhinsk, in Chelyabinsk Region), development of technology of clearing of drinking water up to the requirements of the specifications of the World organization of public health services, development of the design documentation of container stations for preparation of drinking water of various productivity.

Received results of preliminary researches by the author of the Project, testify that the usage of the similar installations will allow to solve the problem of providing of the population Lesnoy, N-Tura, Pervouralsk,. Snezhinsk, by drinking water appropriate to the specifications of the World organization of public health services, high-grade in the physiological attitude of quality in the nearest future.

The project has large commercial potential. The price of drinking water appropriate to the World organization of public health services enriched by necessary microelements, high-grade in the physiological attitude costs 1ruble 72 kopek per 1 liter. The existing retail price for drinking water costs 3 - 10 rubles per liter. But there’s no water appropriate to the specifications of the World organization of public health services by 59 parameters in the trade.

The project solves a large social task, decrease of such diseases as caries of teeth, endemic craw, cretinism, oncological diseases and diseases of cardio-vascular system.


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